How to Repair the Damaged End of a Garden Hose

How-to video showing two ways to repair or replace the damaged end of a garden hose. It's quick, easy and inexpensive if you know the tricks to doing it right. I use simple tools that you'll have around the house, plus an inexpensive repair kit from a hardware store. Learn about: • Choosing the right repair kit • Getting the right end (male or female) • Hose size • How to properly cut the hose • A quick trick for Continue Reading

All About Self-Watering Planters & Containers

If you're forgetful, or you're just not home very often, self-watering containers are a must-have. They're also helpful if you're growing in an area that's not convenient to a water spigot, such as a balcony. In this video, Monica walks you through the different types of self-watering containers, how they work, what to grow in them, an easy DIY option and what to look for when buying one. With the right self-watering planter you can Continue Reading

How to Successfully Start Seeds Indoors

If you've ever tried to start seeds indoors to get a jump on the growing season, you know how frustrating it can be trying to get it just right. So we put together this video tutorial to show you exactly what to do to start growing seeds indoors and demonstrate how to do it correctly. Plus, we have a download showing you when to sow different types of seeds. It's a handy guide that's based on Continue Reading