how to remove a lawnnmower blade Videos

How to Remove & Replace a Lawnmower Blade

In this video, we show you how to safely remove and re-attach a lawnmower blade, including

  • which direction to loosen the nut (it's not just a case of "lefty-loosey"!)
  • how to stop the blade from moving while you're trying to loosen or tighten it
  • how to reattach a new or sharpened blade
  • how to tell which side of the blade is "up"
  • how much to tighten it so it's on securely
  • the tools needed
  • how to do the job safely


See our review of the mower used in this tutorial: Redback 40V Lithium-Ion 16″ Cordless Mower: Product Review

The Redback mower shown in this tutorial is for sale on Amazon.

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