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Corona Adjustable Grip Bypass Pruner: Product Review


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Truly a two in one pruner for lighter duty work

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The Adjustable Grip Bypass Pruner is a newer introduction in a long line of innovative pruning tools from Corona. The company was started in the 1920’s and revolutionized the citrus industry by inventing the single orange clipper. Since then it has designed and manufactured dozens of different types of pruners.

Unique Design

This is the first pruner I’ve seen that offers an adjustable handle to fit large and small hands. With the flick of a small lever, the handles go from a 4 ½ inch handle spread to a 6-inch handle spread, making them a good fit for nearly any hand size.

Corona Adjustable Grip sizing lever

Small red lever activates hand sizing

Corona Adjustable Pruner handle spread 1

Small red lever in the down position activates small hand sizing of 4 ½ inches

Corona Adjustable pruner handle open 2

Small red lever in the up position activates large hand sizing of 6 inches


Corona has thought through the fine design details of offering a pruner that is truly ambidextrous. The sizing lever can be activated from either side, as can the blade locking/unlocking mechanism.


The locking mechanism is placed on the underside of both handles and has an ambidextrous slide switch. Pushing the switch forward locks the pruner and sliding it back disengages the locked handles.

I’ve had some experience with these types of locks in other manufacturers’ pruning shears and have usually found them to be flimsy. It is quite the contrary with the Corona Adjustable Grip pruner. The activating slide is substantial and has no weak links. The post that makes up the locking mechanism is beefy. I tried to snap it off with my thumb to no avail. There are no pinch points in this design.

Corona Adjustable Grip Lock

Lock is out of the way and strong to boot


The pruner is fitted with a pair of bumpers just forward of the locking mechanism. Each handle has a short piece of rubberized material that comes together as the cut is made. They provide some cushioning while cutting smaller materials (less than ½ inch), but provide little assistance when cutting larger materials.

It seems to me that the bumpers are a little too short. The locking mechanism post hits the opposite handle locking pocket when a large cut is made and the handles slam together. There is an audible “thwack” as plastic meets plastic.


The handles are made of a soft rubber-like material. They provide an excellent grip, even when hands are wet. They also provide some extra cushioning in the pruning process. Overall, they’re very comfortable.


Corona claims that the Adjustable Grip pruner will cut up to 7/8 inch live wood. I tried material of this diameter and was unable to get through it. Being off by 1/8 inch may not seem like much, but it is when talking about pruning. Corona even shows an icon on its packaging of what the pruner should be capable of doing in normal homeowner conditions. I was a little disappointed that the pruners were unable to live up to the claims. On a positive note, it made nice clean cuts to ¾” material.

Corona Adjustable Grip packaging

It came close to cutting 7/8 inch but could only achieve ¾ inch


The Corona Adjustable Grip pruner has a volute spring (a conical shaped piece of expanding/contracting metal) that resists debris from jamming in the spring. The spring tension is just right, not too heavy and not too light.

The blades are made from high carbon steel, which keeps them sharp. They are also coated with PTFE which creates a non-stick surface, enhances cutting performance, and helps maintain a rust free blade. I can’t say how long that coating will last but I’ve generally found that it wears off over time, leading to some sticking and rust.

The blades have a narrow profile and are slanted forward, making it easier to reach into tight places. The slanted blades also reduce wrist fatigue since you can hold your wrist straight while cutting.

Blade tension is easily set with a self-locking style hex nut and bolt configuration.


There are no replacement blades since they are molded into the handles and can’t be removed.

However, the blades can be sharpened. I suggest using the Corona sharpening tool (AC 8300) which you can find on the Corona website

Learn More >> Bypass Pruner Care and Maintenance (Clean, Lubricate, Tighten, Sharpen)


Corona offers a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


The Corona Adjustable Grip bypass pruner is an innovative product that adjusts to fit different hand sizes and fits both small and large hands very well. The fit and finish were excellent, as was the locking mechanism, soft comfortable grips, and angled head. It needs some refinements in the bumper area to provide more cushioning. And I’d like to see cutting diameter claims that are more in line with the practical use of the tool. Still, for lighter duty pruning in less than ¾ inch, this is an excellent choice.


As with most gardening tools that go beyond the generic, everyday design, the Corona Adjustable Grip bypass pruner is most readily found online. Best prices are generally found on Amazon where it currently retails for $20.72. The pruner is also available on the Corona website for $28.53 plus shipping ($9.50). Note: since reviewing this product, Corona has updated this product information and now claims it can cut up to 1″ of wood. You’ll notice this when you click on either of the links.

Now over to you – what’s your favorite Corona gardening or pruning tool? Let us know in the comments below!

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