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ARS 26-inch Professional Hedge Shears (HS-KR1000): Product Review

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High quality, extremely sharp, lightweight and fun to use. Well worth the extra cost!

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Shearing hedges and shrubs into nice neat shapes is a time-consuming and somewhat fussy task. Use the wrong shears and it can be a miserable experience. But with the right tool, it can be almost fun.

The ARS 26-inch professional hedge shear is one of those that makes pruning fun.


  • Super lightweight
  • High carbon steel blades are marquench hardened and chrome plated
  • Strong blade screws securely hold blades
  • Pivot bolt for blade adjustments
  • Large shock absorbing bumpers and ergonomic handles
  • Lifetime warranty against defects
  • Replacement parts available: blades, screws, pivot bolt and cap, bumpers

Weight Counts!

When you have a large hedge to shear, every ounce adds to the stress on your arms and shoulders. These Japanese-made shears weigh just 1.7 pounds. More than any other feature, this makes them a joy to use.

The handles are slim, and constructed of lightweight aluminum, ensuring that there is not an extra ounce on this tool.

ARS 26-inch Professional Hedge Shears HS-KR1000 Scissor Action Blades

The super sharp high carbon steel blades are hard chrome plated for rust and sap resistance.

Scissor-Action Blades

The super sharp high carbon steel blades, about 7 inches long on this model, are “marquench hardened” to hold their edge. This treatment increases the impact resistance of the steel. The blades are then hard chrome plated for rust and sap resistance. The upshot of this blade treatment is that the tool has the look and feel of a very sharp pair of scissors. This type of smooth blade can be easily sharpened with a metal file or sharpening stone.

The smooth scissor-like action of this tool makes it ideal for manicuring of boxwood shrubs and topiaries of any kind, or even for shearing back herbs and perennials. It is also very serviceable for arborvitae, yew, and privet, though with larger branches of 1/3 inch or more in diameter you’ll want to have a pair of loppers on hand.

Strong Construction

The screws used to secure the blades have been upsized from prior models, increasing the overall strength of the shears. One detail that distinguishes this tool is one-piece construction of the arms, which extend midway up the blades, holding them securely in place. The fewer parts there are, the less the chance that a part might fail.

ARS 26-inch Professional Hedge Shears HS-KR1000

The screws used are secure and increase the overall strength of the shears.

Tension Adjustments

Blade adjustments are easily made with a slight loosening or tightening of the pivot bolt, a part that is replaceable for about $7.

Ergonomic Design

The bumpers are generous in size, and also replaceable. These do a good job of lessening the shock when the shears are used with force, as they often must be for jobs that require trimming back hedges.

The handles are elegantly and ergonomically designed, though not cushioned in any way. However, this lack of cushioning is not a problem, even with extended use time.

ARS 26-inch Professional Hedge Shears HS-KR1000

An elegant, well-constructed tool—a joy to use.

Warranty and Replacement Parts

Another feature that distinguishes this top-notch tool is the availability of replacement screws, bolts, and blades. The lifetime warranty covers defects.


5 Shovels Rating from Gardening Products ReviewThe ARS professional hedge shears cost two or more times what lesser tools cost: internet prices range from just under $80 to over $100. If you do even a modest amount of shearing regularly, the extra cost is well worth the quality you get!

The blades stay sharp, true to the manufacturer’s claim, and the elegant lightweight design make them literally fun to use.

Where to Buy

ARS professional hedge shears HS-KR1000 are hard to find in retail stores or garden centers but they’re available online, for example at A.M. Leonard Horticultural Tool and Supply Company as well as other professional tool purveyors. It is also available from Amazon. Spare parts are available at Gemplers  and GroTech.

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