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Melnor Turbo Rotary Sprinkler: Product Review

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Simple to use but inconsistent water coverage

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The Melnor Turbo Rotary Sprinkler, at first glance, looks like a simple sprinkler – push the spike into the ground, turn on the water, and let it do its thing. But it has more adjustments than you might think at first – and one common problem.

It was one of the quietest sprinklers we tested, so if you’re watering your lawn at the recommended time (early in the morning before the sun is too hot), the quietness will win points with your neighbors.

Melnor turbo rotary sprinkler in packaging

The Melnor turbo rotary sprinkler came with instructions on the packaging


Metal or Plastic: Plastic body, metal spike
Adjustable length: Yes
Adjustable width: Yes (controls how far the sprinkler head rotates)
Adjustable flow:  No
Adjustable pattern(s): No
On/off switch: No
Advertised coverage area: 80 ft diameter / 5,000 square feet
Tested coverage area: 80 ft diameter (at 22 psi)
Work with low water pressure? Yes (down to 22 psi, at least)
Extras:  Two-stage watering pattern

What we liked

Stays Put – The metal spike keeps the Melnor turbo rotary sprinkler in place. Just push it straight into the ground (it helps to have soil that isn’t too compacted) and voila, the sprinkler is ready to go.

Integrated Filter in Sprinkler Head – As with most sprinklers that can be daisy-chained (see below), the Turbo Rotary Sprinkler has a plastic mesh filter inside the sprinkler head to prevent debris from clogging it up. It can be easily removed for cleaning by unscrewing the sprinkler head from the spike (although I had to use a wrench to get it off the first time). The rubber O-ring between the sprinkler head and spike is a nice touch that helps to minimize leaks.

Melnor turbo rotary sprinkler in use 2

The Melnor turbo rotary sprinkler in use

Easy to Adjust – You can adjust the spray arc of the sprinkler from as much as a full 360 (although it goes back and forth, not in a continuous circle) to practically stationary (20-degree angle). Just twist the two yellow rings at the bottom of the sprinkler (they move in opposite directions) until the tabs are pointing at the edges of the area you want to water. The sprinkler will then rotate between those two tabs.

You can also adjust the spray deflector at the top to adjust the spray diameter (push in for farther distance/pull out for less distance), although it’s a little finicky and harder to adjust while the sprinkler is in use.

Melnor turbo rotary sprinkler adjust length 2

Pulling out the top of the Melnor turbo rotary sprinkler works as a deflector, adjusting the distance of the water spray

Can Be Daisy-Chained – Each sprinkler can be connected in series (with a length of hose between them) to use throughout your yard or garden. Just be sure you have high enough water pressure or the sprinkler(s) at the end of the line won’t work, and don’t lose the end cap!

Melnor turbo rotary sprinkler hose connection

The Melnor Turbo Rotary Sprinkler has an extra hose connection so you can attach multiple sprinklers across a lawn

What we didn’t like

Fixed Hose Connector – It was easy enough to attach the hose by spinning the sprinkler onto the threaded end of the hose, and it does come with a washer inside the connector. However, because the hose connector is fixed (unlike many other sprinklers where the connector moves/spins once the hose is attached), we ended up fighting with the hose to get it to lay flat and/or to get the sprinkler spike inserted straight into the ground.

Inconsistent Coverage -The sprinkler uses something that Melnor calls a “two-stage watering pattern,” which you can see as the sprinkler rotates back and forth. As it hits the end of one rotation, the head “clicks” either up or down to adjust the angle at which water is emitted. The goal is to improve the evenness of water coverage. However, the Melnor Turbo Rotary Sprinkler still suffers from a common sprinkler problem – the water reaches the edge of the coverage area but not the middle. During our tests, there was no water at all hitting the ground 5 to 10 feet away from the sprinkler. Some water reached the ground at 15 feet away, and we got three times that amount at 30 feet (i.e., the edge of the coverage area).

Of course, this can be adjusted somewhat by using the diffuser, although we don’t expect it would resolve the problem entirely. Our coverage tests were conducted without the use of the diffuser.

Melnor Turbo Rotary water distribution 2

During our water distribution tests, we noticed that no water reached close to the sprinkler, so much so that you could stand under the spray and not get wet

You can see the two-stage watering system in use in the video (the clicking noise is when it switches):


Melnor offers a limited lifetime warranty in this sprinkler.


The Melnor Turbo Rotary Sprinkler is a simple rotary sprinkler with some nice features, but it suffers from the “water donut” problem – nearly all the water lands in a circle around the perimeter of the coverage area, leaving the ground between the sprinkler and the perimeter practically dry.

Melnor turbo rotary sprinkler close up 2

Close-up of the Melnor turbo rotary sprinkler

Where to Buy

The Melnor Turbo Rotary Sprinkler is available online through Amazon. Melnor products can also be found at many garden centers or big box stores, but call before you go to make sure that they have this particular sprinkler model.

Find it on Amazon >> Melnor Turbo Rotary Sprinkler With Metal Spike

Melnor Turbo Rotary Sprinkler
Available with a plastic sled base instead of a metal spike

Other versions of the Melnor Turbo Rotary Sprinkler are also available:

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