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Mini Root Assassin Shovel: Product Review

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An amazing shovel for a variety of uses, especially for tight spaces and smaller-statured individuals.

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The Root Assassin Shovel Had a Baby!

Root Assassin, the company that first introduced the innovative shovel design with a pointed blade and cuttingly sharp serrated teeth along the two edges has done it again. This time it’s a scaled-down version of the original shovel, called the Mini-Root Assassin. It has the same features as the full-sized version so for more details, see our full review of the Root Assassin.

The company’s marketing material touts the shovel for treasure hunting and metal detecting. Those people value its toothy ability to cut deeply and cleanly in small areas without disturbing the landscape. The manufacturer also recommends it for garden jobs in tight fitting spaces. It is excellent for clearing out an overgrown area of the garden, forest or brush in tight places.

Smaller Size Is A Big Plus

All that is true, but the shovel also is ideal for short people and children. The full length is 32”, so those who measure in closer to 5’ than 6’ can easily reach the step to put their full weight into the digging. As a short person, it is rapidly becoming my go-to digging tool.

Light-Weight Yet Strong

The shovel literally is a lightweight, weighing in at an easy-to-lift 2.2 pounds. However, this shovel is far from flimsy or insubstantial. It is built of industrial grade steel, with an interior structure engineered for strength and durability. The serrated teeth – that cut both when the shovel is pushed down and pulled up – are up to the toughest job. When the teeth dull, sharpen them with a wheel or grinder.

Root Assassin and Mini Root Assassin

Like father, like son. It may be smaller, but the new Mini-Root Assassin shovel has the same solid construction and root cutting features as the original, larger version.

Specifications And Features

  • 16 double-edged, sharp serrated teeth on each side (cuts while digging both in and out)
  • Industrial grade steel, covered in a sleek silver powder coating
  • Forward turned step for secure foot placement
  • Comfort D-grip, reinforced rubber handle for added leverage and control
  • Weighs 2.2 pounds
  • 32” long


Root Assassin will replace the shovel free of charge (for life), if not satisfied with the purchase. They do not accept returns for refunds. The shovel, however, can be exchanged for another product that they sell on their website.

Where To Buy

The Mini Root Assassin shovel is available through their online website for $35.95. It is also available from Amazon Prime for $37.99.

GPR Recommendation

Like the full-sized Root Assassin Shovel, the Mini-Root Assassin lives up to its name. I highly recommend it.

Price Reduction
Mini Root Assassin shovel
Like the full-sized version, the Mini Root Assassin Shovel will cut through almost anything you hit while digging. It’s lightweight yet strong, comfortable to use and gets into tight spaces where a regular shovel just can’t go.

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