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  1. Judi

    I have to tell everyone about the MOST AMAZING shovel. It’s called Earth Talon. I had a lot of digging in my back yard. My regular shovel could never get through the hard clay and roots. My son brought this shovel home- it was the only one at the store and was a sample. The young man said he really didn’t know much about it, my son bought it for me anyway. WELL it’s amazing!! It cuts through hard clay like butter. That talon on the end does a fantastic job.. I don’t know where to purchase these but I’m sure the company is in line. It made my job half of what it was! Just an FYI.

    • Jack Hemingway

      Hi Judi,
      Yes, the Earth Talon is a shovelers dream. We live in Tucson, AZ and the soil on our property is rock hard. It often takes a landscaping bar to break it up first, readying it for a shovel. Not so with the Earth Talon. We have dug straight into concrete hard soil with the Earth Talon. As you say it is an AMAZING shovel, and we would agree with you whole-heartedly.
      If you haven’t already researched it, it is available online through Amazon, A.M. Leonard, Jet and others.
      Thanks for your testimonial. We really appreciate your feedback.

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