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DuPont Kevlar Heavy Duty Garden Hose: Product Review

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A tough hose that is surprisingly lightweight and truly kink-free. Just don’t expect the “quick repair” feature to be quick.

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I tested the DuPont Kevlar 50-foot hose to see how it held up to some of the regular abuse hoses get around our yard and garden. Garden hoses take a beating, especially here in the Southwest where we have dry air and often extreme temperatures.

Unlike standard rubber or vinyl hoses, the DuPont Kevlar hose is made of a proprietary polyurethane/PVC inner core surrounded by fabric reinforced with Kevlar. You’ve probably heard of Kevlar bullet-proof vests – that’s the same material used in the sheath around this hose to protect it from damage.

[Editor’s Note] This hose is almost identical to the Stanley FATMAX ExoJacket hose, with the exception of the Kevlar incorporated into the fabric sheath.

dupont kevlar hose in packaging

The heavy-duty fabric hose is 50 feet long


  • Length: 50 feet
  • Inner Diameter: 5/8 inch
  • Weight: 4.62 lbs
  • Burst Strength: Up to 500 psi
  • Inner Material: Patented “polyfusion” core (a polyurethane/PVC blend)
  • Outer Material: 400 denier nylon fabric reinforced with Kevlar
  • Couplings: Titanium-coated aluminum with “quick repair” feature
  • Collar: Yes. ABS (plastic) with TPR (rubber-like) grip
  • Drinking water safe: Yes
dupont kevlar hose wrapped up

The hose comes tightly wrapped in a circle

Lightweight For Easy Carrying

The DuPont Kevlar hose is heavy duty, but not heavy to lug around. Weighing in at only 4.62 pounds, it’s about half the weight of a typical 50-foot rubber garden hose. I quickly noticed how easily I could carry or pull the hose from one spot to another. If you’ve ever had to drag a heavy hose around your yard, you’ll understand how much I appreciated the lighter weight of this hose.

Full-Size Hose in a Small Package

The hose is nearly flat out of the box and compresses back to that shape when drained of water. But when you add water pressure, it quickly rounds out to a standard 5/8-inch size, making it ideal for all of your watering tasks (including use with sprinklers or soaker hoses that require full pressure).

One downside to the flattening out of the hose when empty is that you cannot use it on a hose reel; water won’t flow through it when it’s rolled up (unless you completely unroll all 50 feet of it before use). As a result, you’ll need to find somewhere to hang it (for example, over a hose hanger or large hook) or stuff it into. When empty, it takes up less space than a comparable rubber hose and folds easily so you can store it in a large pot or box when not in use. Just be sure to remove it entirely from the pot or box before turning on the water.

I found that the hose tangled easily, particularly when empty. However, it’s simple to untangle it; just turn on the water and the hose more or less untangles itself.

dupont kevlar hose close up

This is a tough, kink-free, and drinking water safe hose

No-Kink Technology: Does It Work?

One of the biggest frustrations with garden hoses is their tendency to kink. The propriety Polyfusion Technology (Kevlar fabric surrounding a proprietary polyurethane/PVC inner core) used in this hose is supposed to eliminate kinking.

I can attest to the fact that this hose does not kink. It can bend in spots, which slows the flow, but it doesn’t get one of those annoying, water-stopping kinks like rubber hoses do. That makes it much more forgiving when twisting or dragging the hose around walls, sidewalks or rocks.

dupont kevlar hose kink free

The hose was kink free even when I dragged it over a pile of rocks

“Quick Repair” Feature Isn’t Quick

One of the features this hose touts is its patented quick repair couplings. According to the package, if your hose does get damaged, you can simply cut away the portion that is damaged and reattach the coupling to the remaining hose.

Unfortunately, the process was not quick for me. When I tried to take the coupling off (the instructions simply say to “remove the coupling”), I found it wouldn’t budge. I pulled, twisted and even used a wrench, but I could not get it to come apart. The instructions are totally inadequate; they don’t tell you how remove (or replace) the coupling or what tools you need. I tried searching online for more detailed instructions, but found no tutorials or other helpful information.

dupont kevlar hose limited instructions quick repair system

The back or the box has limited instructions for the hose’s patented quick repair system

That’s a drawback to the DuPont Kevlar hose, but not a major one. In my mind, the Kevlar incorporated into the fabric sheathing should keep the hose well-protected. I doubt I will have to repair it. But I wish the company would post an easily searchable instruction sheet or video to demonstrate the repair process.

Easy Grip Coupling

The ABS plastic collar and rubber-like grip on the hose end was one of my favorite features.

If you’ve ever had to screw together two hoses for more length or attach a rubber soaker hose or sprinkler to your garden hose, you know that it’s impossible to do without one item you’re connecting spinning and twisting as you tighten the connector. Even attaching your hose to a spigot can be a major hassle.

The DuPont Kevlar hose solves that problem; the grip on hose tightens your connection without moving the actual hose it encloses (it turns but the hose doesn’t). And it gives you some wrench-like power to make a solid connection. I had no leaking at any connection I made and, best of all, no twisting hoses!

dupont kevlar hose collar grip

The hose’s collar and grip made it so easy to attach another hose or watering wand with no twisting of either hose

Drinking Water Safe

The hose is labeled as being drinking water safe. It can be used in your organic vegetable garden without any worry of lead that can be a component of hoses with brass fittings. It’s also great for RV’s, use on boats and anywhere where safe drinking water is a concern.


The DuPont Kevlar hose has a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship.


I highly recommend this hose to anyone who dislikes carrying heavy rubber hoses or hates kinking. At 50 feet, it’s a good length for most yards and, at under 5 lbs, it’s lightweight enough to easily drag or carry wherever it’s needed. The easy-to-grasp collar eliminates hose twisting when connecting it to a spigot, sprinkler, or other hose, and the aluminum couplings attach firmly. While you’ll pay more for this hose than a standard garden hose, it should last longer as the Kevlar woven into the nylon sheath gives it extra durability. Plus, I think that the lack of kinking alone is well worth the price.

As for the quick repair feature, I don’t consider that to be a “selling point” for this hose. Without better instructions as to tools and how to remove and replace the coupling, it’s pretty much useless.

Where to Buy

The hose is currently available from Amazon. To date, we haven’t been able to find it on other sites or in local stores.

DuPont KV82001 Kevlar 50' Heavy Duty Fabric Hose, Black
I highly recommend this hose to anyone who dislikes carrying heavy rubber hoses or hates kinking.

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  1. Brad

    Would you please comment on which garden hoses are prone to mold, and which aren’t? The Legacy Flexzilla, in particular, seems to have a lot of reports of growth of black mold.


    • The only hose we’ve found that develops black “mold” (it’s not really mold at all) is the Flexilla hose (and it doesn’t do that on every hose). It has to do with the material used to keep it flexible – it picks up dirt and dust that gets embedded in the pores on the outer surface of the hose. BUT, it’s not harmful (to you, the environment or the hose itself) and can be removed with a regular household cleaner if the look bothers you. The Stanley FatMax hose can sometimes do the same thing. The heavier rubber hoses get dirty but not in the same way. With hoses covered with a fabric sleeve, like the DuPont Kevlar hose and AeroFlex stretch hose, only the sleeve gets dirty.

    • The hose is repairable but, as Teresa mentioned in the review, it’s not at all obvious how to do that. Basically, depending on where the hole is, you cut off the hose on one side of the hose or the other (whichever side leaves you with the longest length of remaining hose). You pull the hose coupling off the part that’s being thrown away and put it onto the cut end. How exactly you do that is still a mystery to us … 🙁

  2. Paul

    This hose is now about 2.5 months old and its starting to leak,fray and buldge in numerous areas. I use it to water my garden a couple of times a week and thats about it. I thought it would be the last hose i was going to buy lol. I didnt keep the receit so im not going to return it. Dont waste your money on this hose folks cus its all hype.

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