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Corona DualLINK with ComfortGEL Bypass Pruner (PB 4314): Product Review

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A bypass pruner that really lives up to its claims

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The Corona DualLink with ComfortGEL Bypass Pruner (PB 4314) is an unusual pruner – it has a compound action (the DualLINK) that’s typically only found in loppers. We put it to the test to see if the DualLINK made a difference in cutting performance.

Does the DualLINK Really Make a Difference?

I’ve used many pruners that, like the Corona DualLink with ComfortGEL Bypass Pruner, are rated to cut ¾ inch material. But in many cases, those other pruners were able to cut through only stems in the ½ inch range. Not so with the Corona DualLINK bypass pruner. It cut through ¾-inch wood without difficulty over and over again.

The secret to its success is the DualLINK mechanism. This is a steel link attached between the handle and blade that acts as a compound lever, giving the pruner its ability to live up to its cutting claims of cleaving ¾ inch diameter wood.

Also noteworthy is its ability to cut through non-woody, delicate stems. It makes clean cuts without mashing the stems. You get brute strength and finesse with this pruner – a nice combination.

Sharp Blades Aid Cutting

The high carbon steel blades help in cutting through thick material. The blades are very sharp (they can also be sharpened if needed) and coated with a non-stick material that helps prevent sap build-up and makes the blade more easily slide through cuts.

My experience with coatings is that they wear off over time. One of the ways to help prevent this it to dry the blades when pruning is completed for the day. A light coating of oil on the blades also helps keep the coatings lasting longer and keeps the blades moving more smoothly past each other.

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Corona DualLINK bypass lever

The DualLINK made cutting through ¾ inch material easy


ComfortGEL Handles – Do They Really Work?

One of the unique features of the pruner is the handles made from ComfortGEL®, a very squishy, soft, and shock-absorbent material. In the case of the DualLINK bypass pruner, the ComfortGEL¨ is a substitute for a classic rubber-like bumper (a bumper helps prevent shock to your hand when a pruning cut is completed).

At first, I was a little skeptical that the ComfortGEL® handles would really cushion the shock at the end of a pruning cut. But I found that it did make a difference, effectively acting as a bumper while also giving you a more comfortable grip on the handles. The handles also have a little more give than a traditional pruner; you can squeeze them together and they’ll rebound just a little when you loosen your grip, increasing the bumper-like effect. After comparing this style of “bumper” with traditional bumpers, I’m definitely a fan.

Finally, the ComfortGEL® handles were, for the most part, anti-slip. With dry and gloved hands they worked exceptionally well. Even with wet or sweaty hands the pruners stayed put.

Corona DualLINK ComfortGEL handles

ComfortGEL¨ handles were really comfortable and eliminated the need for a typical bumper.

Quality Construction

The pruner incorporates a steel frame from the tip of the pruner to the end of the handles, maximizing the strength of the entire pruner.

The DualLINK bypass pruner incorporates a volute spring that provides tension between the handles. I like this type of spring as it helps prevent debris from getting inside and causing a jam.

There’s a built-in lock to secure the blades in the closed position. The red slide button is placed in an easy-to-reach area near the front of the blades. It has a nice slide mechanism that makes it easy to lock and unlock the pruner.

Corona DualLINK bypass pruners locking button

The locking button is easy to reach. It slides nicely in the lock and unlock position.

Replacement Parts

There are no replacement parts for the Corona DualLink with ComfortGEL Bypass Pruner.


Corona offers a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


This pruner does exactly what Corona says it will do – cut through ¾ inch stems and branches with ease. The DualLINK technology acts as a compound action lever to increase power, and the ComfortGEL® handles act as a bumper to reduce hand fatigue. It’s well made from quality materials, has sharp, high carbon steel blades, the lock works well, and the non-slip handles are comfortable to hold. All in all, the Corona DualLink with ComfortGEL Bypass Pruner is an excellent bypass pruner that can tackle anything from delicate flower stems to tough ¾ inch wood.

Where to Buy

The DualLINKComfortGEL® (BP 4314) is available from Corona for $25.00 + $9.48 shipping. It’s also available on Amazon for a little less.

Corona BP 4314D Dual Link Bypass Pruner With Comfort Gel Grips, 3/4 Inch,Red
This bypass pruner easily lives up to its claims of having a 3/4-inch cutting capacity

And now, over to you – would something like ComfortGEL® make your pruning tasks easier? Let us know in the comments below!


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