Gardening Books

Vegetables Love Flowers: Companion Planting For Beauty and Bounty by Lisa Mason Ziegler: Book Review

This book is a combination love story, horticultural adventure, homestead preservation, and how-to about the triumphs and challenges of gardening from a veteran cut flower grower. It’s filled with colorful, high-resolution photography, appendices of garden plans, and a layman’s explanation of how and why nature works in sync with flowers and vegetables to reduce and eliminate the need for chemical intervention in the garden. I’ve put many of the recommendations to work in my own Continue Reading

The Guide To Humane Critter Control: Natural, Nontoxic Pest Solutions To Protect Your Yard And Garden by Theresa Rooney: Book Review

Theresa Rooney’s Guide to Humane Critter Control is filled with practical, pesticide-free ideas about how to prevent, or stop, annoying bugs and small mammals from damaging your garden. It’s a book that should be at the fingertips of novice gardeners, as well as more experienced gardeners who want to transition from the knee-jerk use of poisons to more eco-friendly methods. Expert gardeners may not find much new here, but it’s a nice refresher course. Continue Reading

‘Success With Hydrangeas, A Gardeners Guide’ by Lorraine Ballato: Book Review

This is an excellent book, both for the novice and the experienced gardener. It covers everything you need to know about successfully growing hydrangeas, including identification, care (fertilizing, watering, mulching and transplanting), handling insect and disease problems, and using hydrangeas in the garden. With beautiful photographs and well-organized, clear information it can be used a reference book when you have a specific problem or need specific information. Continue Reading

The Homeowner’s Complete Tree & Shrub Handbook – Book Review

While this book isn't a new release, it's a timeless resource for anyone interested in using more trees and/or shrubs on their property. It covers all the bases, from design considerations to choosing the right plant for the right spot to caring for your trees and shrubs after planting. Plus, there's a beautifully photographed dictionary of trees and shrubs that will have you eager to try new varieties in your own yard. Continue Reading

Book Review – Essential Perennials by Ruth Rogers Clausen and Thomas Christopher

Essential Perennials: The Complete Reference to 2700 Perennials for the Home Garden By Ruth Rogers Clausen and Thomas Christopher. Photographs by Alan L. Detrick & Linda Detrick Timber Press Hardcover, 452 pages $29.82 USD This large book looks to be the new encyclopedia for people looking for information on herbaceous perennials. It’s over four hundred […] Continue Reading

Book Review – Grow a Little Fruit Tree: Simple Pruning Techniques for Small-Space, Easy-Harvest Fruit Trees, by Ann Ralph

Grow a Little Fruit Tree: Simple Pruning Techniques for Small-Space, Easy-Harvest Fruit Trees By Ann Ralph Storey Publishing Paperback, 168 pages $12.79 USD Author Ann Ralph is on a mission: to bring the art and practice of fruit-growing within reach, literally and figuratively, of as many people as possible. Her goal is to show you […] Continue Reading