Author Peggy Riccio

Peggy Riccio is a horticulturist who gardens in Northern Virginia, USDA Hardiness Zone 7. As a garden communicator, she has written for many magazines and has developed presentations on a variety of gardening topics. Currently, Peggy blogs, tweets, and posts on her web site,, which is designed for people who are new to edible gardening or new to the Washington DC metropolitan area. Learn more about Peggy here.

Joseph Bentley Stainless Steel Hand Trowel (#JBY0238): Product Review

The Joseph Bentley Stainless Steel Trowel is a well-made tool for scooping, mixing and light digging, although not recommended for repeated digging in hardened soil due to its lack of a beveled edge. Somewhat sturdy construction, using a 6 inch stainless steel blade and oak handle. The oak handle is a little rough and the leather strap gets in the way (although it’s handy for hanging up the trowel when you’re done). Not a tool Continue Reading

Foxgloves Original Gardening Gloves: Product Review

If you’re looking for an excellent pair of general purpose gardening gloves, you can’t go wrong with the Foxgloves Original gardening glove. The gloves are made with a snug yet supple form-fitting material that’s tough enough for most gardening tasks (but if you’re looking for heavy-duty work gloves, these aren’t them). Machine washable, available in 8 fun colors and built for both men and women. Continue Reading