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Excellent fitting gloves for the tough gardening chores where you need more protection.

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How do you decide which pair of gardening gloves to buy when there are so many to choose from? And are there any good all-around gloves that will work well for nearly all gardening tasks so you don’t need to buy a whole bunch of gloves – one for every gardening task?

One good option is the Foxgloves Works gardening gloves. These tough gloves have suede palms for added protection and a stretchy nylon back for added flexibility and comfort.

About Gardening Gloves

There are hundreds of types of gloves on the market these days. So how do you know which ones are best for your gardening environment? Some of the most important things to consider are dexterity, comfort, fit, protection from sharp objects, and grip, but there are other things you’ll also want to look at.

You can find a complete description on our Best Gardening Gloves page.

I use the Foxgloves Works gardening gloves for those chores that require more protection for hands and more water resistance than you might find with lighter-duty gloves. They fit well and are great for lifting and moving rocks, bricks, large trunks and branches, large containers, and removing thorny weeds/plants.

Extra Protection For Your Hands

The Foxgloves Works gardening gloves have a padded synthetic suede palm with reinforced fingertips (in black) to protect your fingers and palms from cuts and bruises. The material is tough enough to stand up to a lot of abuse.

There’s also a light layer of padding across the knuckles that gives some extra protection.


The Foxgloves Works gloves have a padded synthetic suede palm and reinforced fingertips

Snug, Comfortable Fit

The gloves have a stretch nylon back.  It’s hard to see from the photos but once you put the gloves on you feel the stretch nylon and how the fit around the wrist is tapered so the gloves seem to hug the wrist (which is great for keeping dirt and debris out of the gloves).

Despite the suede, the Works gloves feel “breathable,” which is important in hot weather.


The stretch nylon back gives these gloves a snug fit and the flexibility to handle any task


These gloves are available in 2 colors: aqua and brick red. The suede part is black on both colors.


The Foxgloves Works gloves are available in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large.  I use the medium size and find that for work gloves, these are the best fitting for a woman’s hands. Many work gloves are too large and not tapered.

If you don’t know your size (and don’t assume that you do – all gloves fit differently), use the following information from the Foxgloves website –

  • Small: fits glove size 6 – 6 1/2, for petite and short fingered hands
  • Medium: fits gloves size 6 1/2 – 8, for most hands
  • Large: fits glove size 8 1/2 – 9 ½
  • X-Large: fits glove size 10 – 11

And, in case you have forgotten your size when you have to order more, the size is on the inside of the glove.

Machine Washable For Easy Cleaning

The Foxgloves Works gardening gloves are machine washable and although they can be put in the dryer the company recommends line drying. I tend to let the gloves dry after gardening and then brush off the dirt to protect the suede as much as possible. I put them in the washing machine only if I have been working in mud and even then I wash them with the hose outside before dropping them in the washer. I don’t put them in the dryer – I let them hang dry instead. After repeated use and many washes, the gloves are still in excellent condition.


Tough enough for rough jobs but easy to clean in the washing machine


Foxgloves provides a guarantee that the Works gardening gloves will be free from any manufacturer’s defects. They’ll replace any glove found to be defective due to faulty material or manufacturer defect for thirty days from date of purchase. Hang on to your receipt – a dated receipt must accompany the request for replacement gloves.

About the Company

The Foxgloves company is owned by a woman horticulturist and landscape designer/architect in New York. She designed a line of gloves and started selling them online in 1999.  Foxgloves Works is a relatively new introduction since her original line of Foxgloves (see our review of the Foxgloves Original gardening gloves).


I recommend Foxgloves Works gardening gloves for several reasons: they’re the best fitting for a woman’s hands, easy to clean, long lasting, and provide the extra protection you need when lifting rough objects and pulling thorny weeds.

Where to Buy

Foxgloves Works can be ordered directly from the Foxglove website or you can call their toll free line to order over the phone. If you’d rather try them on before purchasing, the website has a store locator; most stores are independent garden centers. The website also has a list of gardening events or flower shows where staff have a booth so you can try them on and order from the booth. The Foxglove Works gardening gloves sells for $21.00 plus shipping but shipping is free if the order is over $75.00.

The Works gloves are also available on Amazon for $20.00.


Foxgloves Works Gardening Gloves
I recommend Foxgloves Works gardening gloves for several reasons: they’re very well fitting for a woman’s hands (although they work for men too), easy to clean, long lasting, and provide the extra protection you need when lifting rough objects and pulling thorny weeds.

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