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Perfect 10 Gloves with Nailguard Technology: Product Review


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I like these gloves. They're very comfortable, flexible and yes, they protect my fingernails.

Overall Score 4.5

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Chipped nail polish, broken nails, and dirt under your nails are annoying inconveniences that come with gardening, right? Not anymore!

The Perfect 10 gardening gloves with Nailguard TechnologyTM were developed specifically to protect a woman’s fingernails while gardening.


  • Nailguard TechnologyTM wrap-over foam padded fingertips to protect your fingernails
  • Dryhide water-resistant goatskin leather palm, thumb saddle, and fingertips. This specially treated leather is breathable yet stops water from penetrating for up to three hours.
  • Spandex back
  • Padded palm and knuckle bar
  • Elastic wrist with Velcro closure
  • Not touchscreen compatible (I tested to make sure)
  • Available in two colors – purple and grey

Video Review

See some features of the Perfect 10 gardening gloves, my initial thoughts, and an overview of some of the things I liked (and some things I would like to see improved) in our video review.

You might also want to check out videos that Watson Gloves produced about the Perfect 10 gloves – you can watch a video about the features, and a video showing theNailguard TechnologyTM in use.


These gloves are available in three sizes – small, medium and large. According to the company, the Perfect 10 glove sizes are standard in the industry and are true to size.

Watson Gloves also provided the chart below to help select the right size glove. According to the chart, I should be wearing a size medium but I found that slightly too large; the small size fits much better. I normally wear a small glove so sizing does seem to run pretty much on par with other brands.

watson perfect 10 gloves wrist

The Perfect 10 gardening gloves from Watson come with a hook and loop closure at the wrist.

Glove Measurement Chart from Watson Gloves (download the PDF)

Note the instructions on the chart. Print the image at 100%, DO NOT SCALE.

Why I Like the Perfect 10 Gloves

Here are the things I really like about the Perfect 10 gloves –

The Nailguard TechnologyTM really works! I was surprised to find that the combination of light foam padding inside the fingertips and the wrap-over design does an awesome job of protecting my nails. I have to admit that I don’t have a fancy manicure, and if I had long acrylic nails then the Nailguard TechnologyTM might not work as well (then again, with those sorts of nails I doubt any gloves would hold up well), but my fingernails are definitely cleaner and less likely to be damaged when I wear the Perfect 10 gloves.

The gloves fit nicely (with one caveat – see below). They’re obviously designed to fit a woman’s hand, rather than just being a scaled down version of a man’s glove.

Good flexibility. The stretch fabric on the back of the hand provides plenty of “give” for the flexibility you need to move without feeling constricted.

They’re comfortable. In fact, I often forget I have them on. The seams are well-sewn so they aren’t bulky or irritating, and there’s no seam between the thumb and forefinger (that’s often a place where extra fabric or a poorly-constructed seam will cause blisters).

seams on Watson Perfect 10 gloves

There’s no extra stitching to get in the way or cause blisters

The Dryhide leather is soft, supple and keeps your nails dry. The rest of your hand may get wet (the spandex back is porous) but since your fingertips are encased in this special, water-resistant leather, they stay dry. The nice thing about that is that not only does it help prevent your nail polish from chipping or lifting, it also stops any dirt that may have gotten into the fingertips from turning into mud underneath your nails.

Perfect 10 gloves, front and back

Well-padded in all the right places, yet flexible and breathable. The nail tips may look bulky but don’t get in the way.

A Few Negatives

There are also a few things about the Perfect 10 gloves that didn’t work so well for me –

The wrist is too loose. I like that the wristband is stretchy and wide, but I couldn’t close it tightly enough to prevent dirt from getting inside. Although the Velcro closure is meant to let you tighten the band snuggly around your wrist, for me I found that it couldn’t be tightened far enough. If you have a larger wrist, this may not be a problem. But if you have a narrow wrist like me, it’s annoying.

wrist closure on Perfect 10 gloves

Although the gloves have a nice, wide, Velcro wrist closure, I found that it didn’t close tightly enough around my narrow wrists to keep dirt and debris out of the gloves.

The pull tab is minuscule. It’s great that there is one (so many gloves miss this important part) but it’s very small, making it difficult to grasp when you’re trying to pull the gloves on (particularly if you’re using a gloved hand to do so).

The black dye on the leather comes off on your hands when the gloves get wet – and it’s not easy to get off your hands. Gardening here in Tucson is hot work, so my hands tend to sweat. Whenever they do, I end up with dark blue-black marks on my hands that look like nasty bruises. It’s even worse if I’m gardening after a monsoon rainstorm or if I get the gloves soaked while watering. I’ve worn the gloves regularly for several months and washed them several times and it hasn’t gotten any better.

I spoke with the company about the problem I had with the color running. They told me that the leather is treated to be water resistant and in the process, a color-fast ingredient is used to prevent the color from running. They’ve sold thousands of pairs of the Perfect 10 gloves without a single report of dye problems. So they kindly sent me two more pairs of gloves to test – and both had exactly the same problem.

running dye on Perfect 10 gloves

The dye runs when your hands are wet, leaving black marks that are difficult to remove. On the left is the result of wearing the Perfect 10 glove for an hour of work in wet conditions; the hand on the right wore a different glove.


Watson Gloves does not offer a warranty on the Perfect 10 gloves as wear and tear will vary depending on usage. However, if there is a manufacturing deficiency, they will replace them immediately at no charge.


Watson nailguard gloves in garden

Overall, I liked the Watson Perfect 10 gardening gloves

Overall, I really do like these gloves. They’re comfortable, flexible and yes, they protect my fingernails. I wear them for a lot of gardening tasks and consider them to be a very good all-around gardening glove. But, because of the loose wrist closure and bleeding dye, they’re not my go-to choice. If you don’t have narrow wrists, they’ll probably fit you fine.

Where to Buy

The Perfect 10 gloves are made by Watson Gloves, a Canadian company that’s been in business since 1918. Until recently, they were only available in Canada at retailers across the country.

Now, the gloves are also available in the USA through Amazon. Plus, there’s a gauntlet version of the Perfect 10 glove that’s also available online.

Perfect 10 Garden Glove for Women
Available in small, medium and large sizes. Comes in grey or purple. Nailguard Technology protects your nails in even wet, muddy conditions.

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