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Dramm ColorStorm 4-Pattern Gear Drive Sprinkler: Product Review

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4 spray patterns, easy to use, simple to adjust, even coverage

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The Dramm ColorStorm 4-Pattern Gear Drive Sprinkler, as the name would suggest, has four different patterns of water spray to choose from: flat, fan, mini and large.

Choose which pattern you would like to use by rotating the top of the sprinkler head until the pattern name lines up with the arrow. Just be careful if you have the sprinkler on – there’s no on/off switch so you might get soaked!


Dramm 4 pattern sprinkler packaging

The packaging for the Dramm Colorstorm 4 Pattern Gear Drive Sprinkler

The sprinkler comes in two pieces but it extremely simple to assemble; just screw the sprinkler head into the sled base and you’re done.


Metal or Plastic: Both
Adjustable length: No
Adjustable width: Yes (controls how far the sprinkler head rotates)
Adjustable flow:  No
Adjustable pattern(s): Yes, four
On/off switch: No
Advertised coverage area: 40 ft diameter
Tested coverage area: 35 ft diameter (at 28 psi)
Works with low water pressure? Yes (down to 28 psi, at least)
Extras:  Daisy-chain option

See the Sprinkler In Action

To see the sprinkler in action, check out the video below where you’ll see what each pattern looks like and how to adjust the rotation of the sprinkler head.

What we liked about the Dramm ColorStorm 4-Pattern Gear Drive Sprinkler

  • 4 Distinct Spray Patterns – Not many circular sprinklers come with spray pattern options, so we like that this one has four to choose from. Each pattern is quite different, although those differences are less apparent at lower water pressure. Watch the video above to see the spray patterns in action.
Dramm ColorStorm 4 Pattern Sprinkler patterns on packaging

The four different spray patterns as shown on the packaging

  • Lightweight Yet Stable – Though the sprinkler is very lightweight, it stays in place. The base is designed with a sled-like base so it’s stable and sits flat well, plus you can easily drag it across your lawn.
  • Can Be Daisy-Chained – The 4-Pattern Gear Drive Sprinkler can be connected with other sprinklers in a daisy-chain fashion so you can cover more area. Note that you’ll need relatively high water pressure to make that work. Also, don’t forget to replace the cap on the connector when you’re done; without it, you won’t be able to use the sprinkler at all.
Dramm ColorStorm 4 pattern sprinkler extra hose connection

A second hose connection means that you can create a chain of sprinklers

  • Fairly Even Coverage – The coverage area and consistency depends on which spray pattern you choose, with the ‘Large’ pattern emitting the most water and spraying it the farthest. The ‘Fan’ and ‘Flat’ patterns had the most even coverage but, in general, all spray patterns did pretty well.
  • Easy to Adjust – The spray pattern is easy to adjust by rotating the top of the sprinkler head so that the name of the desired spray pattern lines up with the black arrow. The spray arc can be adjusted by moving the rings near the bottom of the sprinkler head, letting you limit rotation of the sprinkler head to a very narrow pie shape or allowing it to rotate in almost a complete 360.
Dramm 4 pattern sprinkler patterns

The pattern you would like to use can be easily changed by turning the top of the sprinkler until the selected pattern lines up with the arrow

Dramm ColorStorm 4 pattern sprinkler radius tabs

Move the rings at the bottom of the sprinkler head to choose how much of the radius you’d like the sprinkler to water.

What we didn’t like

The Dramm hose connector can be a little tough to work with, especially if you have arthritis in your hands. Although it’s made of metal for longer life, and includes a metal strainer (to keep debris out of the sprinkler head) and washer (to prevent leaks), it’s not that easy to grasp or turn, especially when trying to attach a hose. Something a little larger and easier to grip would be better.


Dramm has a limited lifetime warranty on all its products against defects in material and workmanship.


The Dramm ColorStorm 4-Pattern Gear Drive Sprinkler would be an excellent option for a mid-sized yard. With four different patterns to choose from and the ability to easily customize the spray arc, you’re sure to end up with a well-watered lawn.

Dramm 4 pattern sprinkler in use

The Dramm 4 Pattern sprinkler in use

Where to Buy

The Dramm ColorStorm 4-Pattern Gear Drive sprinkler is most readily found on Amazon, where it’s available in six different color options. You may also find it at a garden center or box store near you but call ahead to check if they carry it – many do not.

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