Corona ComfortGEL+ Extendable Hedge Shears (HS 4344) Pruning & Cutting Tools

Corona ComfortGEL+ Extendable Hedge Shears (HS 4344): Product Review

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Durable, strong, and employing innovative technology, it does tough jobs well.

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If you have a dense privacy hedge or tougher shrubs to shear, you’ll like this heavy-duty hedge shear from Corona. It’s built to last and can easily tackle whatever you throw at it.


  • Serrated, two-zone, heavy-duty blades for trimming or larger cuts
  • PowerSOURCE linkage
  • Extendable handles
  • Shock-Guard™ bumper system
  • ComfortGEL™ grips
Corona ComfortGEL Extendable Hedge Shears HS 4344 Serrated Blade with Cutting

This limb notch makes it easier to cut thicker branches.

Serrated Blade with Cutting Notch

Most hedge shears have smooth blades. Not so this heavy-duty tool. At 3.2 pounds it is the heftiest of the tools we tested, and also the strongest.

The approximately 9-inch top blade has serrations to hold the branches, and a non-stick coating. It also features a limb notch for cutting branches up to 5/8 in. thick.

The bottom blade is smooth, and uncoated.

Blades are made from carbon steel and can be easily sharpened with a metal file or sharpening stone.

Corona ComfortGEL Extendable Hedge Shears HS 4344 Extended Handles

The flip tab locks keep the extended handles firmly in place.

Extendable Handles

The handles of these hedge shears extend, adding about 8 ½ inches to the reach of the tool. This can be a huge advantage in cutting back a six- to seven-foot privacy hedge. With the handles fully extended, the shears reach to a little more than three feet.

If you don’t need the handles totally extended, an easy-to-operate flip tab locks them at any length you desire.

This power, however, comes at a cost. Though the handles are made of a relatively lightweight aluminum alloy, using the fully extended tool for any amount of time can be quite an upper body workout.

ShockGuard Bumper System

Corona ComfortGEL Extendable Hedge Shears HS 4344 Shock Guard

The Shock-Guard™ bumper system and PowerSOURCE linkage are unique to Corona shears.

Unlike most hedge shears, which employ a pair of rubber or synthetic bumpers to keep the handles from coming together with a jarring jolt to your arms and shoulders with every cut, Corona offers its own unique cushioning system. The ShockGuard design uses only one bumper that is integrated into the cutting mechanism.

This bumper has a nice cushioned feel when making a cut. This matters in a tool designed to cut larger diameter branches than most shears are designed to handle. This function reduces muscle strain and fatigue.

PowerSOURCE Linkage

Corona’s own linkage system makes cutting three times easier, according to their reports. We have no way to measure this, however, we found this tool to be the most powerful of all those we tested.

Corona ComfortGEL Extendable Hedge Shears HS 4344

The ComfortGEL+ handles are easy to grip, and comfortable.

Comfort Grips

The ComfortGEL+ handles are not particularly gel-like. They are easy to grip, and comfortable, however. Nicely sized (for a powerful tool such as this), and with a clingy surface, the grips definitely pass the comfort test.


5 Shovels Rating from Gardening Products ReviewThe Corona ComfortGEL+ Extendable HS 4344 is a great tool for the money. Durable-looking, strong, and employing innovative technology, it does tough jobs well. Realize that its weight may place limitations on the time you spend shearing your hedges, and parcel the jobs out in manageable bits.

The price ranges from about $42 to $50.

Where to Buy

Corona ComfortGEL+ Extendable HS 4344 can be purchased at local stores such as Home Depot and Ace Hardware, and on the Corona website, as well as through Amazon.

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