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So it’s time to trade in that gasoline or corded blower for one of the new battery-powered ones.  With so many to choose from, what’s a brand worth looking at?

One option is the Greenworks 40V Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) Axial Blower (model 2400802). According to Greenworks, the blower is 44% lighter than comparable gas blowers and emits 50% less noise and vibration. It has an instant electric start, a variable speed axial fan blower, a “cruise control” setting and several different battery choices.

I put it to the test in a variety of settings. Here’s what I found …


The blower fit my hand perfectly and was well balanced


Battery: 40V (volt) G-MAX Li-Ion, 2.5Ah (Amp hour)
Air Volume: 390 CFM
Air Speed (Max): 110 MPH
Speed Control: Variable with Cruise Control
Motor: 40V Brushed
Noise Rating (ANSI): <75 dBA (I found it was around 80 dB at full power)
Weight (with battery): 6 lbs
Warranty: 4 years (blower), 2 years (battery)


Inside a sturdy cardboard box, the Greenwork blower was packaged with a battery charger, a 2.5Ah battery, and an instruction manual.

The only thing I needed to do was to attach the rear and front blower tubes together and then attach the entire blower tube section to the front of the blower unit.

The instruction manual was very clearly written on how to perform this task, and the job was easy.

Once assembled, it was clear that the fit and finish of all the snap-together parts was excellent, as was the entire blower unit.


Greenworks has carved out a market niche by offering 25 tools that can be run from one 40V Li-Ion battery.  According to Greenworks, they offer the “largest selection of cordless outdoor tools with gas-compatible performance,” all of which run off the same type of battery.

The blower I used came with a 40V 2.5Ah Li-Ion battery, but Greenworks also offers two other Ah batteries as part of their 40V system – the 2.0Ah and the 4.0Ah.


Different 40V battery configurations

Before using the blower for the first time, you’ll have to charge the battery to full strength (it doesn’t come fully charged when shipped).  It’ll take about 70 minutes to do this.

For more information about Li-ion batteries used in lawn and garden tools, see our article covering all the frequently asked questions about Li-ion batteries.


Greenworks 40V battery and charger


The battery is installed at the back of the unit in a slide-in battery compartment. There’s a spring-loaded tab that acts as a lock to hold it in place; remove the battery by pressing the tab.


The battery pack inserts easily into the rear of the blower

One nice feature is that the battery inserts at about a 450 angle to the handle.  This makes it easy to check the battery energy level by pushing on a button located at the back of the battery.  The push button activates a 4-LED display that shows you the amount of battery power left at any point in time.


The battery is installed at 45 degree angle, making it easy to see how much “juice” is left in the battery

Cruise Control Feature

The blower also has a nice feature called cruise control.  Basically what this does is lock the variable speed trigger to a fixed speed.

The cruise control lever is easily accessible when gripping the handle with your finger resting or pulling the variable speed throttle.  It is easy to set and unlock the cruise control lever with the push of a thumb.

The only thing I don’t particularly like about the cruise control feature is that if you install the battery when the cruise control setting is on, the blower will immediately start – making it potentially dangerous.  Greenworks prides itself on the instant start capability but when it comes to safety, the variable speed cruise control can present some issues.  It’s a handy feature, but please make sure to turn it OFF before inserting the battery (it’s easy to forget to do this).

There is some general mention in the instruction manual about accidental starting and a suggestion about “removing the battery when making adjustments”, but I couldn’t find any specific mention of turning off the cruise control before installing the battery.


The cruise control made it easy to micro-adjust and hold blower speed but also had some safety issues.

Powerful Blower

One thing I noticed is how powerful the axial fan is.  In the Greenworks marketing literature they depict the fan like a jet engine.  I didn’t take the unit apart to verify this, but all I can tell you is the Greenworks 40V Lithium-Ion Axial Blower really produces a lot of air volume at high speed!  And with the variable speed trigger I was able to micro-adjust airspeeds/air volume to give me just the right amount of blowing power needed to perform a variety of blowing jobs.

The balance (when holding the blower in my hand with my finger on the variable speed trigger) is excellent.  The blower hung parallel to the ground for me and, with a slight tip of my wrist, the blower easily canted toward the ground at virtually any angle I held it.

The blowing performance at all speeds was impressive.

I could move small leaves and debris on the lower settings without disturbing the gravel in paths and walkways.

On the medium speeds, the blower moved leaves and small sticks with ease.

And on the maximum setting this baby really blew up a storm.  It moved piles of debris and blew out hard to extract leaves and twigs from under bushes.

I was impressed with its power to weight ratio.  For its light weight, it had some real power, something I wouldn’t have expected.  It was able to dislodge Mesquite beans that were struck in the grass, something that other blowers in the same class had a harder time doing.

Battery Life / Run Time

The blower’s battery lasts for about 25 minutes when running at medium to high speeds, a little longer on low speed.  This is generally long enough to get most blowing tasks completed in a typical suburban yard.

If you want longer run time, I recommend buying a second battery so you can switch it out when necessary.

Keep in mind that it takes about 60 to 70 minutes to fully charge a depleted battery.


The Greenworks 40V Lithium-Ion Axial Blower (model 2400802) is warrantied to the original purchaser (with proof of purchase) for 4 years against defects in materials, parts or workmanship.

The batteries are warrantied for 2 years under the same provisions.


This is one of the better blowers I’ve tested to date.  It has power, versatility, and quality.  I’m impressed with the fit and finish as well.  My biggest concern is the cruise control safety issue that arises when the battery is installed with the cruise control lever in the ON position.  I would have liked to have seen a better description in the instruction manual on how to deal with this.  That aside, the Greenworks 40V Lithium-Ion Axial Blower (model 2400802) is definitely a recommended buy.


The Greenworks 40V Lithium-Ion Axial Blower (model 2400802) with a 2.5Ah battery is available at Walmart for $152.64.  It is also available from Amazon (Prime) with a 2.0Ah battery.

2.0Ah batteries are available from Walmart, Lowes, and Menards.  Prices range from $69.00 to  $99.44. Amazon (Prime) offers a 2.5Ah battery for $99.00.

Given the different battery configurations, it’s a little confusing deciding where to buy the blower. We tested the 2.5Ah battery (available at Walmart) but if saving some money at the expense of a little less battery run time is your preference, then Amazon (prime) is your best bet (the 2A.h battery should provide the same blowing performance).

Price Reduction
Greenworks 40V Li-Ion Blower
This is one of the best blowers we’ve tested to date. It has power, versatility, and quality.

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