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Bahco Super Light Professional Hedge Shears (P54-SL-25): Product Review

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Bahco is a European brand with a reputation for quality products, although it’s not commonly found in North America. We’ve reviewed their pruning shears so were interested to see how their hedge shears fared. Here’s what we found …


  • Light weight
  • 10-inch blades, stamped and fully hardened
  • Compact design and ergonomic angled form
  • Locking pivot bolt
  • Parts are replaceable
  • Warranty for defects


Bahco makes quality tools, and this sturdy yet lightweight hedge shear is no exception. At 1.8 pounds, it is a good choice for shrub and hedge trimming around the yard, its weight making it easy to use for as long as you need to with no fatigue.

The handles are aluminum with sturdy plastic grips.

Super-light, durable, and well constructed

Super-light, durable, and well constructed

Long Blades

For a short tool (22 inches), the 10-inch blades are narrow and surprisingly long. The stamped blades are ultra sharp, and beveled so that they only touch at the cutting point, reducing friction.

Other models have serrations on the lower parts of the blades for cutting heavier branches; this one does not.

Replacement blades are available.

Bahco Super Light Professional Hedge Shears P54-SL-25

This tool is well designed for all-purpose shearing of shrubs and low hedges

Ergonomically Designed

The angled design is particularly useful in making vertical or nearly vertical cuts, allowing a more comfortable holding position.

This tool is well designed for all-purpose shearing of shrubs and low hedges. However, it does not have the power of larger tools. For branches more than 1/3 inch in diameter, use loppers.

The bumpers are large, and effective in reducing shock as you cut.

Pivot Bolt

The pivot bolt locks into place with a separate metal locking piece, ensuring that the blades will not loosen as you work. Replacement bolts and locking mechanisms are available.

Bahco Super Light Professional Hedge Shears P54-SL-25 Pivot Bolt


Bahco warrants that its products shall be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the usable life of the product.  This warranty is limited to products purchased from authorized Bahco Pruning distributors.  Bahco, at its sole option, will repair, replace or grants a credit for product that does not comply with this warranty.  The product must be returned to the Bahco Pruning distributor from which the product was purchased for warranty service.


4-shovel rating from GPRThe Bahco Super Light Professional hedge shear (P54-SL-25) is sturdy and well designed. It is easy to use and will do the job – over and over and over—though not with the same elegance of the ARS professional hedge shears.

It’s on the pricey side, at about $75 to $90, but worth it if you need an all-purpose pair of hedge shears that will last a lifetime. It will not disappoint.

Where to Buy

Bahco is based in Europe, and the company’s tools are carried by some of the better horticultural supply companies, including Rittenhouse , and The Pruner Warehouse. Amazon carries some Bahco shears, but not this model.

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