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Dramm 18061 ColorPoint Telescoping Lopper: Product Review

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A terrific lopper for everyday gardening use.

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Dramm telescoping lopper review



  • Cutting capacity: 1 ½”
  • Length: handles extend from 24″ to 31″
  • Blades: heat treated steel, replaceable

Dramm makes some nice tools for lighter-duty work, including the ColorPoint Telescoping Lopper. Over several years of heavy use, these have become my favorite loppers for just about all of my pruning needs.

Bypass lopper blades

Adjustable blades ensure a close, even cut

The Dramm lopper has heat treated steel bypass blades that cut branches up to 1 ½” thick. In our tests, we had no problem cutting through 1 ½” deadwood with the handles at full extension.  It took more effort with the handles retracted, but we did manage to cut through 1 ½” branches without damaging the blades or bending the handles.

The blades are adjustable; you can change the tension and spacing between blades (to ensure a close, even cut) by turning the “gear” on the face of the non-cutting blade. There’s also a deep sap groove that comes in handy if you’re cutting sticky or sappy trees, like pines or maples.

Another nice feature is the availability of replacement blades, although this isn’t something that Dramm mentions on their website or marketing material. Replacement blades can be purchased directly from Dramm by contacting them by phone at 1-800-258-0848 or sending them an email. The cost of replacement blades is $12.99 plus postage.

Dramm telescoping loppers

The handles are clearly marked to show which way to twist when opening or locking them.

The telescoping handles extend from 24” to 31” by twisting the handle, pulling it to the length you want, and then twisting it back to lock it in place. Unlike some telescoping models, these handles stay firmly locked in place when extended. The extra length gives you leverage to cut through thicker branches, while using the lopper with the handles retracted allows you to easily get into tight spaces.

The Dramm lopper is made of high strength aluminum, meaning that it’s strong but lightweight – very nice if you’ll be doing a lot of pruning.

The loppers are nicely balanced, easy to use, and the blades allow for fine pruning of smaller branches (where you might otherwise pull out a pair of pruning shears).

Each handle has a non-slip rubber grip which is comfortable to hold and lessens shock when cutting, as does the bumper near the cutting head.

And, to top it all off, the Dramm loppers come in a choice of six bright, fun colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and berry).

Priced around $ 50.


5 Shovels Rating from Gardening Products ReviewWe give the Dramm ColorPoint Telescoping Lopper a 5-shovel rating. It’s lightweight but strong, cuts easily and cleanly, and the telescoping handles stay firmly locked in place.

Be aware that this is a smaller, lighter-duty lopper. Although I’ve used it extensively for large pruning jobs, if you’ll be doing a lot of heavy-duty work with thicker branches, this may not be the right lopper for you. But for the average gardener, this is a perfect, all-around pair of loppers for everyday use.

Where to Buy It

Many garden centers, home improvement stores, and nurseries carry a range of Dramm products, including the ColorPoint telescoping lopper. Of course, you can also find it on Amazon, often at a very good price. 
Buy it on Amazon here: Dramm 18061 ColorPoint Telescoping Lopper, Red
EDITOR’S NOTE: Dramm has discontinued their line of cutting tools, including this terrific lopper. You may still find some online but you’ll likely only find the non-telescoping version on Amazon. That’s a wonderful tool as well so if the telescoping action isn’t a necessity for you, I recommend buying a non-telescoping one before they run out of stock.

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