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If you’re faced with the unenviable task of shearing hedges or shrubs, you’ll want to use a lightweight yet sturdy hedge shear that will make the job easier. The A.M. Leonard Professional Wavy Shear offers a range of features that make it one of the best choices for this task.


  • Lightweight, considering the 20-inch handles
  • The 9-inch wavy edge blades are made from high carbon steel, and chrome plated to resist rust
  • Pivot bolt for blade adjustments
  • Large shock absorbing bumpers
  • Comfortable molded plastic hand grips
  • Lifetime warranty against defects
  • Replacement parts available: pivot bolt assembly, bumpers

A.M. Leonard Professional Wavy Shear Full ViewLight and Long

With its wavy-edge blades and long, lightweight, aluminum handles, this tool is especially useful for privet hedges. The blades grip woody branches securely and are slightly angled.

At 2.7 pounds, this is not the lightest shearing tool available, but the weight does not feel burdensome, especially considering that it has a longer reach than most shears.

A.M. Leonard Professional Wavy Shear BladesBlades that Grip

The high carbon steel 9-inch blades are chrome plated, making them easy to clean as well as rust resistant. The action of this tool is crisp and tight, and the bumpers absorb the shock effectively even when you use considerable force.

As the name suggests, the beveled portion of each blade on the Professional Wavy Shear is wavy-edged and slightly textured with horizontal scoring. There is no cutting notch, but with the wavy edge design there is no real need for one, as large branches are easily cut using the full force of the blades.

A.M. Leonard Professional Wavy Shears-bumpersStrong Construction

The pivot bolt (a weak point in many shears) is large and very sturdy, and the blades are securely attached to the aluminum handles. The connection between the handles and the molded grips has a forever feel to it.

Tension Adjustments

Blade adjustments are easily made with a slight loosening or tightening of the pivot bolt, a part that is replaceable.

Ergonomically Designed

The angled design is useful in making vertical or nearly vertical cuts using a comfortable holding position, and also allows for versatility—turn the shears upside down for over-the-top cuts.

A.M. Leonard Professional Wavy ShearThis tool is well designed for all-purpose shearing of woody hedges, and cuts even large branches easily. Keep in mind that this is meant for shearing, not pruning. For branches larger than 1/3 to 1/2 inch in diameter, use loppers.

The action is not geared, but the long handles give you the power needed to cut a woody hedge with minimal fatigue. The cushion bumpers are large, and effective in reducing shock as you cut.

Warranty and Replacement Parts

A lifetime warranty for defects is provided to the original purchaser. A.M. Leonard Inc. will replace a faulty tool or part, or will repair a faulty tool for the life of the tool.

Replacement bolts are available from A.M. Leonard for $3.99. Bumpers are also replaceable.


The A.M. Leonard #92295 Professional Wavy Shear is an excellent tool. I especially like it for trimming a privet hedge—even an overgrown one. The relatively light weight coupled with long arms and sturdy bumpers allow you to work for extended periods without a lot of fatigue. The wavy-edge blades may require professional sharpening, but if you need to prune a woody hedge, this design offers the advantage of a non-slip grip on branches. And while the $69 price tag is higher than most, this tool is built to last.

Where to Buy

The A.M. Leonard #92295 Professional Wavy Shear is available at A.M. Leonard Horticultural Tool and Supply Company.

It’s also available from Amazon for $68.99 plus $8.49 shipping.

Now over to you – Which hedge shears have you used? What did you like? Not like? Let us know in the comments below!

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