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Editor’s Note (04/18/19) – This product is no longer being manufactured and is not available from Fiskars or online stores, although you may be able to find it used, on reseller sites, or on sites like eBay (be prepared to pay a premium in those situations).


I would like to introduce you to my favorite gardening tool, the Fiskars Cut-and-Grab Lopper. I have several other loppers, all of which do a decent job, but the fact that this bypass lopper will grab the branch while cutting makes it a stand-out. The ability to grab onto stems and branches as you cut (so you don’t have to reach into the shrub to grab them with your hand after they’ve been cut) is especially helpful when cutting thorny bushes like blackberries and roses, and the compound action cutting head makes quick work of larger diameter branches.

Fiskars Cut and Grab Loppers with the blackberry bush

The Blackberry bush was no match for the Cut-and-Grab lopper

Fiskars Cut and Grab Loppers with the Rose bush

The Cut-and-Grab loppers made quick work of the rose bushes without getting scratched

The lopper is 30 inches long and weighs 3.2 pounds. I find it to be very balanced even with the extra weight at the cutting head, although it’s a little on the heavy side and I wouldn’t use it for doing a lot of overhead pruning.

Fiskars Cut And Grab loppers overall length

The lopper is 30” long and weighs 3.2 lbs.

The handles open to 46 inches, which is a fairly large “wingspan”. Still, I can open the handles all the way and cut with them and I’m only 5’ 3” tall on a good day.  A short person should have no problem using the lopper with the handles fully open.

Fiskars Cut and Grab loppers open

The maximum handle spread is 46”


The handles are made of aluminum which makes them strong and reduces the overall weight. The grips are formed with GripEaseTM pads that resemble good quality bicycle handles and allow me to firmly grip the tool, even with sweaty hands.

Fiskars Cut and Grip lopper holding the loppers fully opened

I have no problem holding the lopper in the fully opened position

If I were to change anything on this lopper it would be to add reinforced telescoping handles.  This would really be beneficial for when you need just that extra few inches (although at 30 inches long, it manages to reach most things fairly easily).

Fiskars Cut-and-Grip Lopper handle pads

The GripEaseTM handle grips are super comfortable and reduce fatigue while cutting

Sharp Blades Make Clean Cuts

The blades are made of hardened steel with low-friction coating to help prevent the blades from getting sticky when cutting sappy wood, such as pine. The coating is still on the blades even after three years of use.

In the three years I’ve used the Cut-and-Grab Lopper, I haven’t had to sharpen the blades; they still make very clean cuts. But it’s important to note that the warranty is void if the blades are sharpened.

The cutting capacity of 1 ½ inches makes it useful on the majority of vegetation in my yard. I’ve had no problem cutting up to 1.5 inches with nice clean cuts and have even cut just short of 2 inches with a little extra strength needed.

The compound action of the cutting blade provides the extra force needed for cutting larger diameter branches. This is also very helpful for me when my arthritis flares up! And yes, it does make a big difference. A day of gardening can leave my hands and arms very sore and weak so I appreciate anything that makes it easier on these tired old muscles.

Unique Cutting Head Holds Cut Branches

What makes the Cut-and-Grab lopper special is the design of the cutting head. The working end (the jaws) of the lopper reminds me of the head on a pair of pliers. Next to the blades is a clamp (like a vice grip) with rows of teeth. When you make a cut, the clamp holds onto the cut branch so you can easily lower the branch to the ground or pull it out of a shrub. I’ve even picked up tools and once a stuffed animal with the grip end of the lopper. It did take a little practice but I’ve also used it to pick blackberries; I just cut the branch and was able to bring the berries out of the bush with the gripper and without getting myself cut up by those nasty thorns.

Fiskars Cut-and-Grab loppers holding teeth

The gripping teeth are the secret behind how the cut branches are held in place after the cut is made

The Fiskars Cut-and-Grab lopper is helpful for more than just pruning. For example, when I cut several small, long prickly blackberry vines at once I use the jaws to hold onto and help wind up the vines like spaghetti on a fork.

FiskarsCut-and-Grab Lopper with multiple vines twisted around lopper

The lopper can be used to cut and wrap multiple small vines (at once) around the handles

A Few Minor Negatives

While there are many benefits to the lopper design, there are also a few downsides.

The “grabber” part of the cutting head is rather wide so it’s difficult to get into tight spaces.

If a branch is growing at less than about a 45 degree angle, you probably can’t get the lopper head close enough to the branch collar to make a proper cut (it’ll leave a stub sticking out).

And if the branch is very heavy or long, you may have difficulty controlling it after making the cut.

Finally, when making a cut you must ensure that the cutting blades are closest to the branch collar. If the clamp-like teeth are on the wrong side you’ll end up with a large stub with damaged bark, both of which can lead to disease and further damage to the shrub or tree. This means that it can sometimes be difficult to make a proper pruning cut.


There are no replacement parts (including blades) available from Fiskars.


The Fiskars Cut-and-Grab Lopper has a lifetime warranty to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you own the product. The warranty does not cover sharpening blades and it will void the warranty if you do so.


I find myself going to this lopper before any others. I have used the Fiskars Cut-and-Grab lopper for more than three years now and with just the basic maintenance of cleaning and wiping down the blades and handles, the lopper is just like the day I purchased it. I would buy it again and would definitely give it as a gift. This is the one tool I will not loan out.


You can purchase the Fiskars Cut-and-Grab lopper on Amazon Prime for $31.98 (at time of publication).  It is also available at Walmart for $37.41 (free shipping).

Fiskars Cut-and-Grab lopper
This unique compound action bypass lopper makes clean cuts through 1.5 inch branches and then “grabs” the cut branch, letting you pull it out of a shrub or place it where you want it (rather than having to pick it up after it’s fallen to the ground). Sharp blades and comfortable handle grips make it easy to work with.

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