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EZ Leaf Stomper: Product Review


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A simple, well-made tool that “stomps” more leaves into yard waste bags

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The EZ Leaf Stomper is a great tool for stomping more leaves into leaf bags – up to four times more than average – with little effort and while keeping green.


The EZ Leaf Stomper is simple to assemble with very little effort

Simple Assembly

The EZ Leaf Stomper looks like a bright orange foot into which a pole can be inserted – the assembled product looks a little like a skinny leg with a large foot.

It was easy to figure out how to set up the EZ Leaf Stomper. All you need to do is take a quick look at the directions before you attach the pole holder to the foot, step on the release switch and insert the tool handle into the holder. You can use the pole from any long handled tool.


EZ Leaf Stomper’s packaging requires scissors or knife to open.

Packaging Requires Scissors or Knife to Open

I did, however, find the product packaging a bit difficult to open, as with any of these completely sealed plastic packs. I needed a utility knife to slice open the top, then scissors to cut the hard and sharp plastic.

My recommendation to the company would be to use a plastic box that snaps open and closed (which would also be great for storage of the EZ Leaf Stomper in my utility shed!).

Simple Solution to Bag More Leaves

Prior to using the EZ Leaf Stomper, I would tear bags trying to stuff leaves in them, utilizing all the space I could.

The EZ Leaf Stomper not only creates more room in the bags, but also saves bags, which is a plus in my yard.

The 10 x 6 x 10 inch, 8-ounce foot is designed to easily attach to most yard clean up tools, from rakes to brooms to other stick implements.

Plus, the orange color helps so it doesn’t get lost amongst leaves when setting it down.

The foot fits easily into a grocery or lawn bag depending on the job at hand.


The EZ Leaf Stomper cuts down on the number of bags needed for the job.


Easy to USE

The EZ Leaf Stomper is very clever and easy to use. It replicates a human foot design, but since it’s attached to a pole, I didn’t have to balance on my other leg risking falls. It takes very little effort to get the job done.

Once leaf collection is completed, just step on the foot pedal and the tool handle easily slips out of the foot for easy storage.


The EZ Leaf Stomper is lightweight and comfortable to use.

Lightweight and Comfortable to Use

The EZ Stomper only weighs about a half pound. Due to its lightweight plastic material, I didn’t find this taxing on any part of my body, including my arms. It’s just a very comfortable product to use in an upright position.


The stainless steel mechanism inside the base holds the pole firmly in place.

Good Quality

Made of hard plastic, the EZ Leaf Stomper feels sturdy.  The easy-activation foot pedal has a rust-proof, stainless steel mechanism that holds the “pole” firmly in place.

The plastic of the EZ Leaf Stomper is durable and I didn’t have any concerns about it snapping or falling apart during use. To me, it feels strong, as if it will last me many seasons in my yard.


The EZ Leaf Stomper is a simple, well-made tool that “stomps” more leaves into yard waste bags. It’s lightweight, comfortable to use and gets the job done. There are no tools needed for assembly and it comes apart easily for storage. Overall, it’s a worthwhile addition to your fall cleanup tool collection.

Where To Buy

The cost for the EZ Leaf Stomper is reasonable at $19.99 on Amazon.com with free shipping to Amazon Prime Members.

It’s also available at EZ Lawn and Garden for $19.99 however, the information is very vague and I couldn’t tell if shipping was free or not.


EZ Leaf Stomper
The EZ Leaf Stomper is a simple, well-made tool that “stomps” more leaves into yard waste bags.

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