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on ARS HP-VS8R Pruning Shears Review

  1. Ben Alexander

    As a gardener myself I’ve used many types of pruning shears and ARS are now my no1 choice. Well worth the money and you’ll have a new friend for many years to come in the garden. As for rating I’m going for the full on 10/10. Big thumbs up for ARS corp.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Ben! Felco has done such a good job marketing that many people haven’t even heard of ARS. It’s good to know that others have “discovered” them.

  2. David

    thanks for sharing your review. Can you please review some Bahco pruners too please. I prune grapes and my Felco 6 is OK. I bought it because I have small hands. The blade is now worn after about three months of contasnt use. And the blade is too small for bigger spurs too prune. Specially dead wood. Also recommend some sharpening guides thank you.

    • Thanks for the suggestion David. I’ve tried a couple of Bahco pruners and haven’t particularly liked them – much prefer the ARS. But it would be good to write a review… As for Felco pruners, they do tend to have softer blades so need more frequent sharpening. I’ll look into posting a sharpening guide! And good luck with your grape pruning – sounds like a lot of work!

  3. Joe

    Felco did NOT just make a good marketing job.
    They are pure excellence, with a true support.
    ARS did not even answer when I sent them pictures of my VS8R having a protruding tip of the lower blade when closed, and a little space between the two blades on the tip when their are aligned, and a problem of the blades moving a bit far from each other and not being able to be fixed tighter.
    Not an answer!
    As I wrote you in your comparison article, I have ordered a replacement, as also the bigger 9R (to see it my index finger slowly goes out of the rolling grip because of a bad too flat shape of the grip, of because my hand requires a bigger grip).
    But till now, in all tests I made the Felco 7 are very clear winner.

  4. Geoffs Mobile Sharpening

    I am a professional sharpener and disappointed with felco now. ARS are my pick if you can get something to fit your hand.
    I am in the process of testing some Pillar pruners and lopper’s in a commercial situation and they are looking very good at this stage.
    They have a large range, spares,and a good warranty

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