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Gilmour Hybrid Impact Sprinkler with Base: Product Review

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Looks impressive, is really easy to use, but just doesn't work very well

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The Gilmour Hybrid Impact Sprinkler with base is similar to a typical impact sprinkler in some ways, but the weighted base and bright colors immediately make it appear different, and the on/off switch on the unit makes a world of difference.

However, we did run across some things that would make us pause to recommend this particular sprinkler. Read on (and see the video at the end) for more details.

Gilmour impact packaging 2

The Gilmour Hybrid Impact Sprinkler with base came with informative packaging


Metal or Plastic: Plastic, some metal parts
Adjustable length: No
Adjustable width: No
Adjustable flow:  No
Adjustable pattern(s): No
On/off switch: Yes
Advertised coverage area: 43 ft diameter
Tested coverage area: 38 ft diameter (at 22 psi)
Work with low water pressure? No
Extras:  On/off switch

What we liked

This sprinkler has some really nice features that make it super easy to use.

Nice Hose Connector – Compared to other sprinklers we’ve tested, the hose connector on the Gilmour Hybrid Impact Sprinkler is easy to grip, simple to connect, and allows the hose to swivel when connected so you don’t have to fight with it to get the sprinkler to lie flat. In fact, Gilmour has our favorite hose connectors out of all the sprinklers we tested this year.

Gilmour Impact hose connections

Multiple hose connections mean that you can daisy-chain multiple sprinklers

Easy & Intuitive to Adjust – Adjusting the sprinkler is simple and much more intuitive than on other impact sprinklers. All of the parts are large enough to easily grasp or move, and Gilmour makes it even easier by making all adjustable or removable parts their signature aqua color so you know what to touch and what to leave alone. It’s also incredibly easy (and obvious) to make the sprinkler go in a full 360 circle – just pull up the sprinkler head.

Gilmour impact pull up for 360

Figuring out how to use the Gilmour Hybrid Impact Sprinkler with base was intuitive thanks to labeling

On/Off Switch – We always love when there are on/off switches directly on the sprinkler, as it saves trips to and from the spigot. This one’s large and easy to turn.

Can Be Daisy-Chained – There also is the option to daisy-chain multiple sprinklers together (connect them in series with a length of garden hose), so you can reach more areas of your yard or garden all at once.

Gilmour impact sprinkler on off

The on/off switch on the Gilmour Hybrid Impact Sprinkler is convenient

What we didn’t like

While this sprinkler is impressive with its features and levers, the actual use of the sprinkler leaves something to be desired. The mechanism this sprinkler uses to move it from side to side is different than a typical impact sprinkler – it uses a jet of water to “push” it sideways (it’s hard to describe but you can see it well in the video below). It’s a neat idea, but it means that you’re not only getting water straight ahead (where you want it) but also lots of water shooting out the sides of the sprinkler. This inevitably leaves a giant unwanted puddle (or two) in your yard.

We found that the Gilmour Hybrid Impact sprinkler didn’t work well with low water pressure, and constantly got stuck. In all fairness, it doesn’t claim to work at low pressure – but all of the other impact sprinklers we tested worked just fine at the 20 – 30 psi pressure we get with our well. Unless you’re able to always monitor your sprinkler and get up and fix it when it gets stuck, this can be a real issue.

Finally, while we were initially impressed with the simplicity of the “pull up for 360” feature, we did find that the top would occasionally unscrew itself and go rogue, meaning that the sprinkler will decide to spin 360 degrees on its own – even when you didn’t choose that feature. Between that and the sprinkler getting stuck, we’re concerned that no matter what settings you choose, the sprinkler will do whatever it wants.


See a video of how to adjust the Gilmour Hybrid Impact Sprinkler in the video below. We also captured some issues we had with the sprinkler which are pointed out in more detail above.


The Gilmour Hybrid Impact sprinkler has a limited lifetime warranty. It’s warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original consumer owns the product. At Gilmour Division’s option, defective products will be repaired, replaced, or substituted with a product of equal value. For warranty service, call 1-866-348-5661 or contact Gilmour.


We were hopeful that this sprinkler would work well, if for no other reason than the fact that it’s the easiest impact sprinkler to adjust out of all the ones we’ve tested. Gilmour’s done a nice job making something that’s normally quite confusing into something simple and intuitive to use. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work very well. It frequently gets stuck, floods the area around it with water, and occasionally blows its top (literally).

Where to Buy

The Gilmour Hybrid Impact sprinkler is available on Amazon. You may also find it at a garden center or box store near you.

Gilmour Medium Duty Hybrid Impact Sprinkler with Base
Great features, really easy to use, but not the best performance

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