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Dramm ColorStorm Whirling Sprinkler: Product Review

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Simple to use, fun to watch, best for a small area

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The Dramm ColorStorm Whirling Sprinkler creates a fun circular pattern. Best for smaller spaces, it can be moved easily thanks to the wheels on the base.

The most notable feature of the Dramm ColorStorm Whirling Sprinkler is the unique water pattern that it creates. Shooting water up and out from the three arms as they move in a circular motion creates a “whirling” effect with the water. It’s certainly fun to watch and is a unique way to water your lawn or garden.

Dramm whirling water pattern

The whirling pattern of the Dramm Whirling Sprinkler is fun to watch

As mentioned on the sticker that comes on the base of the unit, this sprinkler uses brass, which means that it also contains lead (California Proposition 65 warning). For safety reasons, sprinklers that contain lead should not be used in organic food gardens, as it may taint the food that you are growing.

Dramm whirling sticker

The sticker on the underside of the Dramm Whirling Sprinkler contained a notice about brass


Metal or Plastic: Both
Adjustable length: No
Adjustable width: No
Adjustable flow:  No
Adjustable pattern(s): No
On/off switch: No
Advertised coverage area: 38 ft diameter
Tested coverage area: 24 ft diameter (at 18 psi)
Work with low water pressure? Yes, but coverage area is significantly less
Extras:  Wheels
Dramm whirling sprinkler ends

Each arm has five holes from which water shoots out as it spins

What we liked:

It’s Fun! – This sprinkler is fun to run through! Though you have to be careful not to trip over the sprinkler itself as it’s whirling around (ok, yes, I’m speaking from personal experience…).

Easy to Move – The wheels mean that you can easily move this sprinkler by dragging it by the hose, even while it’s in use. There are also holes where you can stake the sprinkler if you’d prefer that it stay in one spot.

Dramm whirling sprinkler connector

The connector is solid and easy to use

Sturdy Connector – The metal hose connector turns easily so you can spin it to attach onto a garden hose. It also moves while connected to the hose so you can lay the sprinkler flat, rather than fighting with the hose. It has a decent washer and metal strainer to keep debris out of the sprinkler heads.

See the sprinkler in action in the quick video clip below:


What we didn’t like

Inconsistent Coverage – Many sprinklers have problems with inconsistent water coverage, and this one is no exception. In our tests, we measured significantly more water closer to the sprinkler, with coverage tapering off as you move farther away. So while it might be ideal for smaller areas or yards, it won’t adequately water the entire stated coverage area; assume that most of the water will be within the first 10 yards of the sprinkler.


Dramm has a limited lifetime warranty on all its products against defects in material and workmanship.


The Dramm ColorStorm Whirling Sprinkler is both a fun and simple sprinkler for use in a small yard. The wheels allow you to easily move it around, and the water is released in a fun whirling pattern. However, water is mostly concentrated closer to the sprinkler and then tapers off, so while it works very well, it will realistically only cover about 10 yards away from the sprinkler. Like other Dramm ColorStorm products, you have six bright colors to choose from!

Dramm Colorstorm Whirling Sprinkler from above

Where to Buy

The Dramm ColorStorm Whirling sprinkler is available on Amazon in six different color options. You may also find it at a garden center or box store near you but call ahead to be sure they have the model and color you want.

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