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Dramm One Touch Rain Wand Hose Nozzle: Product Review

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Have you noticed that workers in many garden centers use a long-handled hose nozzle that emits a gentle shower to water plants? And have you ever wondered why the sprayers you have at home don’t seem to work as well? That’s because many commercial growers and nurseries use the professional Dramm Rain Wand. Happily, the new, One Touch Rain Wand is now available to homeowners.

About the Rain Wand Nozzles

You might be wondering why this nozzle is any different – after all, it just sprays water! And it only has one “setting”, rather than spraying in many different patterns.

What makes this hose nozzle so good is the quality and unique design of the spray head. It’s made out of lightweight yet solid aluminum that is pierced with 400 precision-cut holes. Water flows out of each hole at the same pressure, resulting in a steady and gentle stream of water.

Dramm Rain Wand delivers a gentle stream of water

The Dramm One Touch Rain Wand delivers a steady yet gentle stream of water

We tested the nozzle on a variety of plants, from grasses to soft-stemmed annuals to newly-planted perennials. In all cases, the spray was gentle enough not to damage the plants while still dispensing a large quantity of water (meaning that we didn’t have to stand there for ages waiting for the plant to get enough water).

What Makes the One Touch Rain Wand Special?

Most nozzles or watering wands come with either an on/off valve (which can be difficult to open or close) or require you to squeeze a lever to keep the water flowing. Both options can be difficult or tiring to use, especially for those with arthritis or hand strength issues.

The One Touch system allows you to turn the water on and off simply by sliding a valve forward or backward with your thumb. The handle is well-designed and comfortable to hold, and will put the valve within easy reach for all but the smallest hands.

Dramm Rain Wand has an incredible spray head wtih 400 holes

With 400 holes, it’s easy to see why the spray head makes it “rain”

We were concerned that the One Touch valve was a potential point of failure for the nozzle so we turned it on and off 1,000 times so see how it would hold up (we thought a typical gardener might turn it on and off up to 1,000 times in a season). After that work-out, it still operated flawlessly, with no leaks, looseness, or signs of wear.

One thing to note is that water will still come out of the nozzle for a few seconds when you turn it off. This isn’t a leak – it’s simply the water that’s still in the shaft of the wand draining out. You’ll notice this more in the 30” length than in the 16” water wand.

6 Colors and 2 Lengths

Like all Dramm products, the One Touch Rain Wand is available in a rainbow of colors (purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red). It also comes in both a 30” and 16” length. The rain wand is made of aluminum and is well balanced, so even the 30” wand didn’t feel heavy or unwieldy. We preferred the 30” water wand because the extra length gave us more flexibility to reach plants.

The Dramm One Touch valve is easy to operate

The Dramm One Touch valve is easy to operate


I give the Dramm One Touch Rain Wand our hightest rating. The innovative One Touch valve is a vast improvement over other options, the wand is lightweight and easy to handle, and the hose nozzle provides a lot of water in a gentle stream that won’t damage plants. Although there is a washer already in the rain wand, I recommend inserting another high-quality, rubber washer into the connection point (such as this one from Gilmour) to prevent any leaks.

[Update 04/12/15: Two years later, the Dramm rain wand is still working perfectly. There has been no clogging of the holes and the valve moves easily without leaking. Given the abuse this has taken over the past two years, I’d say that this is one tough hose nozzle! It’s the one I use every day for watering all of the containers and new plants in the garden.]

[Update 03/31/18: And it’s still going strong! After 5 years of almost daily use, it’s amazing to me that it’s still working perfectly. The One Touch valve has had absolutely no issues – still works exactly like it did on Day 1. The color has faded a little. Then again, it’s been lying out in the Tucson sun for 3 1/2 years – most things would have completely disintegrated by now. I can honestly say that this is the one hose nozzle I cannot do without!]

Where to Buy It

The Dramm One Touch Rain Wand is available at the big box stores and independent garden centers, as well as on Amazon where you’ll find it for around $18.50 for the 16-inch rain wand and $26.50 for the 30-inch model. You’ll also be able to choose from all 6 colors if you buy it online.
And now over to you – What’s your favorite hose nozzle? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
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  1. Any problem with leaking at the point where the rubber meets the metal on the wand itself, or at the point where the wand meets the hose? We have high water pressure, and I have used Dramm multi-setting wands before, and I do not leave the water on at the tap when not releasing it on the wand end. But still leaks. Any ideas?

    • I’ve not experienced that type of problem with Dramm products before but let me see what the folks at Dramm say. Can you give me a little more detail about what you mean by “where the rubber meets the metal on the wand”? As for leaks where the want meets the hose, I always use an extra rubber washer when I attach it to the hose and that prevents any leaks there.

  2. Sue Gray

    I have used your “3” different sizes of the “Purple” ~ there isn’t any other color ~ garden & home watering cans & love them all ! ! I am on my 2nd one of the large 7 liter size watering can. Have 3 of the “Purple” hoses, “3” of the wands. I am most happy with the quality of everything I have & use also !! Thank You for the most wonderful Gardening Products available ! ! I bought my 1st watering 7 Liter Red Watering Can about 12 years ago & choked @ the price & then I said it has to be a great Quality of this garden Center I was buying it from wouldn’t be carrying it ! ! I was correct. After about 5 years the nozzle broke off & my husband glued it back on with his special glue & it still works like new ! ! Hope you continue coming out with more products ! ! I am sure hooked on them . . . now that would be in the color “Purple” as there is no other color ! !

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