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Gilmour Heavy-Duty Rectangular Sprinkler with On/Off Switch: Product Review

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We loved the adjustment options on this sprinkler, and the on/off switch made it one of our favorites

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The Gilmour Heavy-Duty Rectangular Sprinkler with on/off switch is an oscillating sprinkler with a metal base and plastic parts.

Gilmour has tried to simplify things by naming their sprinklers based on the shape of the area they cover. So instead of calling it an oscillating sprinkler, they call this one a “rectangular” sprinkler. The name also gives you a strong hint as to the type of area it works for – a rectangle.

The sprinkler that we tested is considered the heavy duty version, but it can also be purchased as Medium Duty Standard and Medium Duty with On/off switch.

Check out our video review below, or keep reading for more details and our recommendations.


The Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler with on/off switch is sold in sturdy cardboard packaging. Ours was shipped to us and did not appear to be damaged in transit.

The packaging provides information and instructions on use, as well as a link to a video showing how to use the sprinkler (that link no longer works, but we did provide the new link where you can watch the video under “how to use” below).

Gilmour rectangular sprinkler packaging

The Gilmour rectangular sprinkler with on/off switch in the original packaging

Gilmour sprinkler back of box

Information and instructions on the back of the box


Metal or Plastic: Plastic, metal base
Adjustable length: Yes
Adjustable width: Yes
Adjustable flow:  Yes
Adjustable pattern(s): No
On/off switch: Yes
Advertised coverage: 4,000 square feet (57 ft. x 70 ft.)
Tested coverage area:  2,000 square feet  (40 ft. x 50 ft.) at 25-40 psi
Work with low water pressure? Yes, down to 25 psi. The lower the water pressure, the smaller the coverage area.
Extras:  Swivel hose attachment, adjustable angle, flexible nozzles



The metal base blends in so well, we originally thought it was plastic. The weight that it adds (the total weight of the sprinkler is 1.7 lbs, compared to the medium duty’s 1.3 lbs) makes it sturdy and stable, not likely to move around from the water pressure.

The Gilmour sprinkler has a nice hose connector that spins and is easy to grip, which works well for someone with arthritis and makes the process of connecting the hose a bit easier (the hose won’t kink). Like most of the sprinklers we tested, it also comes with a washer and a screen to prevent dirt and debris from getting into the sprinkler’s moving parts.

Gilmour rectangular sprinkler from side

The hose connector spins and is easy to grip

This sprinkler has a handy on/off switch so you don’t have to run to and from the spigot to make any adjustments. We’ve tested several sprinklers with a flow control option, but they generally don’t allow you to turn the water off completely, making the Gilmour sprinkler a notch above the others.

Gilmour sprinkler on off in use

The on/off switch on the sprinkler is a game changer

The nozzles are made of a flexible material so they should be easy to clean without a nozzle cleaner.

How to Use

Check out this video on the Gilmour site for how to adjust the height, width, and flow of the Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler. We also demonstrate it in our review video (above), so be sure to watch that for more information.

You can control the width of the sprinkler’s spray by sliding the width control tabs. This control is easy to use and intuitive – move the tabs away from the center of the barrel to make it wider, move them in to make it narrower. The tabs move with little effort and are large enough to easily grasp.

Gilmour sprinkler width adjustment

Slide the width control tabs to adjust the width of the sprinkler’s spray

You can adjust the length of the water pattern using the collar control tabs. It also allows you to adjust the water to hit just one side and not the other (which comes in handy if it’s close to a sidewalk, a patio or anywhere else that doesn’t need to be watered).

It’s a nice feature but not the easiest to use. The tabs are wide but don’t stick out far enough to make them easy to grasp. And when they’re together (for the shortest length setting), it’s difficult to get your fingers between them to slide the tabs. The one we tested was very tight, requiring a firm grip with both hands and considerable force to slide the tabs. This was a definite down-side to an otherwise terrific sprinkler.

Glmour rectangular sprinkler length control collar

Move the length control collar to adjust the length of the sprinkler’s spray

Uses and Limitations

Gilmour rectangular sprinkler with rain gauges

We tested the water distribution of the Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler with rain gauges

The Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler with on/off switch is advertised to water an area of around 4,000 square feet. We tested it at about 25-40 psi water pressure (we were using well water so the pressure wasn’t very consistent). We found that the water reached about 2,000 square feet, but you’ll likely have better coverage using a higher water pressure.

We also set out rain gauges to test how much water was distributed. During our 20 minute test, the rain gauge that was five feet away had 1/8 inch, the ten and fifteen feet rain gauges had 1/16 inch, and at 20 feet there was no measurable water at all. What that tells us is that there’s not a very consistent water distribution, as more water reached the lawn closer to the sprinkler. This is important to keep in mind when you are using it, as you might want to move the sprinkler to different locations to ensure more even watering.

Additionally, as with all oscillating sprinklers, evaporation and wind can play a factor, so we recommend running an oscillating sprinkler on a lower setting (don’t turn the water up so high) and moving it a few times, rather than assuming that turning the water all the way up will ensure that water reaches all corners of your yard or garden.


Gilmour offers a limited lifetime warranty that includes defects in material and workmanship.

Gilmour rectangular sprinkler in use

Gilmour rectangular sprinkler in use


The Gilmour rectangular sprinkler won our vote for the best “full-featured” oscillating sprinkler (so not a basic one). We were impressed with the on/off switch right on the sprinkler, as it made adjustments much easier to make without running to the spigot each time. We also liked the hose connector as it was easy to grip, even when wet. The sprinkler is sturdy and has a full complement of length and width adjustments, although some may find the length adjustment difficult to use.

Where to Buy

The Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler with on/off switch is most easily found on Amazon, as well as directly from Gilmour where it’s currently listed for $27.99 plus shipping ($4.99+). Many home improvement stores carry Gilmour products so check with your local retailer to see if they have this specific item.

Heavy Duty Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler with on/off switch
We loved the adjustment options on this sprinkler, and the on/off switch made it one of our favorites
Medium Duty Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler with on/off switch
This is the same as the heavy-duty version, but more lightweight and all plastic


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