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Corona Hedge Shear (AH 6940): Product Review

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A solid tool, built to last and priced right, but it’s heavy

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Heavy-duty hedge trimming and shearing needs a heavy-duty tool. So we tested Corona’s hedge shears to see if they were up to the challenge. Here’s what we found …


  • Partially serrated top blade
  • 30 degree-angled grips
  • High-strength aluminum handles
  • Forged-in bumper cups, replaceable bumpers
  • Replaceable pivot bolt
Corona Hedge Shear AH 6940

The forged steel alloy blades are fully heat treated and can cut larger branches easily.

Heavy Duty Blades

The 8 ½ inch forged steel alloy blades are fully heat treated, and substantial. The serration on the bottom part of the top blade keeps heavier branches from slipping, and the lower blade is notched to facilitate the cutting of larger branches.

The straight blades can be easily sharpened.

Both the blades and the blade mounting assembly are very rugged, adding extra weight—the 24-inch tool weighs in at 2 pounds 6 ounces. This does not seem like a lot but the concentration of weight at the blade end causes arm strain with continued use.

Angled Grips

The grips are angled for more ergonomic handling. There is good reason for this feature—the strain on wrists can be considerable, especially when the tool is held in a horizontal position—but it doesn’t quite do the job. The angled parts of the grips don’t offer enough to hold on to. That said, used for a short period of time, this is an effective pair of shears.

Corona Hedge Shear AH 6940 Angled Grips

The angled grips reduce wrist strain

Aluminum Handles

The elliptical handles are made from lightweight aluminum to help keep the weight down. Like the rest of the tool, they are sturdy and substantial.

Corona Hedge Shear AH 6940 HD

A heavy-duty tool that requires good arm strength.

Corona Hedge Shear AH 6940 Bumper Cups

The bumpers reduce arm shock during use.

Forged-in Bumper Cups

Unlike many models, the bumper cups are part of the forged assembly, ensuring that this essential part of the tool will remain in position. The bumpers reduce arm shock during use. And Corona sells replacement bumpers.

Pivot Bolt

The pivot bolt is strong, like the rest of the tool, and easily adjustable for proper blade tension. It is the same bolt that is used on other Corona models, so replacements are available.


4-shovel rating from GPRThe Corona Hedge Shear AH 6940 is a good, solid tool, built to last, and priced about right at about $45 to $60. But it is not as easy or as fun to use as lighter weight models. You know your strength—if you can handle extensive use of a 2 lb. 6 oz. fully extended tool without feeling the strain, you will be satisfied with these shears.

Where to Buy

These Corona hedge shears can be purchased on the Corona website, as well as on Amazon.

Corona HS 3950 Extendable Hedge Shear, 10-Inch Blade,Red
This is a good, solid tool that's built to last and priced about right. But it's a heavy-duty tool so isn't as easy or as fun to use as lighter weight models.

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