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Garden Weasel Multi-Use Transplanter: Product Review


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A great transplanter and weeder for smaller plants.

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To me, the name, Garden Weasel conjures thoughts of the old TV commercial promoting the Original. It was upright and hand operated with six sets of wheeled tines used to cultivate and aerate the soil. But, over the years, Garden Weasel has developed many other gardening tools, including the Multi-Use Transplanter.

When it arrived it was well packaged in a large box. The tool came through without a scratch.

Garden Weasel Multi Use Transplanter blades

This unique tool has 4 blades instead of the usual 2

A Cross Between A Hori-Hori And A Trowel

At first glance, I could see that the Multi-Use Transplanter was different. It reminded me of a hori-hori and a trowel on steroids.

But unlike a hori-hori, it has four blade edges rather than two. There are two serrated edges (one on each side of the main blade) and two sharp-edged blades with a cutting notch that stick out at 900  from the main blade. If you look at it from the pointed end, it looks like a plus sign.

Hmmm, I wondered. Is this really something special or just another gardening product trying to make a name for itself?  Well, I can tell you that the unusual design of this digging/planting tool did in fact make a difference. Because the four blades work in all directions, it digs through the soil more quickly and easily than other tools. Push it into the soil and it removes enough soil to create a sizeable hole.

Garden Weasel digging up plant

The Multi-Use Transplanter was excellent in digging up plants

The two sharp-edged blades are curved; they’re intended for slicing. The opposite two blades are heavily serrated or notched and are meant for sawing or cutting through soil, roots and other material. There are measures in inches and centimeters stamped onto the serrated blade, which may be helpful in planting bulbs, although I did not try this.

At 13″ long, the Multi-Use Transplanter is about 50% longer than a simple trowel and allows for greater leverage, making it easier to dig with. And, as a lever to pry things out of the ground, it’s fantastic.

Garden Weasel Multi Use Transplanter with depth gauge

A handy depth gauge was built into the blade

150 Angled Handle Makes A Difference

A more subtle feature of the blade is that it’s angled about 15 degrees from the handle. When combined with the unique dimensionality, it makes an incredible hole with little effort. Weed removal was nearly effortless. I was amazed at this feature.

But the curved handle did make it a little difficult on my wrist when rotating it around in circles to create planting holes. Someone with arthritis might find this handle design tough to work with because of this.

Garden Weasel Multi Use Transplanter uprooting weed

It was amazing at removing weeds

Other Uses

Garden Weasel claims that it can slice through roots, remove weeds, break up dirt clumps, cut twine, dig, cultivate and plant. I found it most helpful for hoisting weeds and relocating small transplants from here to there. As far as slicing through roots, they had to be quite small ones in order to find this feature useful. The same was true for cutting through twine and small shoots and roots. The serrated blade is relatively effective in cutting small shoots/roots and small diameter gardener’s twine, and the cutting notch on the sharp-edged blade was also fairly good.

Garden Weasel Multi Use Transplanter cutting edges

Twin cutting edges are designed for cutting small shoots/roots and small diameter gardeners’ twine.

As for cultivating? I find that claim a stretch – it’s going to take a lot of wrists twisting to make that happen, which isn’t something you want to do for a long time. As far as breaking up dirt clumps, it didn’t do the job very well in my very clay soil. It may be better in more friable soil.

I found that the multi-dimensionality of the tool made it easy to collect dirt (mud and clay got easily stuck in the angle between the blades) and harder to clean than other blades.


The blade is constructed of AluminironTM. And according to the company, their research has shown that the Multi-Use Transplanter blade is “just as strong and in many cases even stronger than all stainless steel and carbon steel tools as well as other similar aluminum die cast tools”.

The AluminironTM compound is made up with a majority of the die cast part being Aluminum while also containing small percentages of six other elements such as Iron, Silicon, Copper, Zinc, Manganese and Magnesium. This material also happens to be rust resistant.

The tool weighs 10.4 oz. and is an import from Taiwan.

The Handle

The red vinyl handle is designed with comfort in mind. At the very base, the shaft widens – this extra width helps prevent soil from dirtying up the handle. Well-appreciated thumb-holds are located just above the base of the handle, followed by raised ridges that aid in a firm grip, and a contoured handle that’s easy to hold. I liked the large, rectangular hang-hole at the top with a metal insert. That rectangle, rather than round hole, means that you have the option to hang it up on a square peg.

Garden Weasel Multi-Use Transplanter Handle

The ring on the handle keeps dirt away from your hand


The Garden Weasel Multi-Use Transplanter offers a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

Where To Buy

The Garden Weasel Multi-Use Transplanter is available directly from the Garden Weasel Online Store for $12.95 and through Amazon Prime for $12.99, as well as at Sears ($12.18) and Do It Best stores ($14.99).


I recommend this deluxe garden trowel for someone who gardens a lot, has a small space to work with, and has good hand and knee functionality. Its use is limited to small plants – no trees or shrubs, obviously, unless they are seedlings. It’s good value for the price, and generally, does what it claims it will do. After spending several seasons experimenting with this tool, I grew to appreciate its multiple uses and sophisticated design that made gardening more pleasurable and less work.

And now – over to you! Would you find a tool like this transplanter useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Rose Wilkes

    I believe I’d find this tool useful if I was gardening in a small space, i.e. condo area or other small space. At this time in my life I do believe my knees wouldn’t like having to be in a kneeling position, even if on a kneeling pad, for an extended period of time. All of the features of this tool seem to be practical and might just save some wear and tear on one’s wrists as well.

    • Jack Hemingway

      Hi Rose,
      Yes, the Garden Weasel Multi-Use Transplanter is pretty much an on your knees tool … if your gardens are all ground based. It however would work well in raised beds/planters where standing might be possible. Overall it’s a very good product and with its angled handle makes prying things out of the ground a breeze.

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