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DeWit Small X-Treme Handfork (31-3015): Product Review

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Gardening involves many varied tasks so finding a hand tool that fulfills multiple uses is always a plus for a gardener. I work with gardeners at a local demonstration garden and we had the opportunity to try the DeWit Small X-Treme Handfork tool in a variety of situations and seasons.

Note that the DeWit X-Treme Handfork is also available in a larger size (model 31-3004) for those with bigger hands. We only tested the small size but it’s identical to the standard size in all respects (other than size, of course).

A Handy Tool For Many Gardening Tasks

This handfork was very easy to use and adaptable to many tasks and a variety of gardening chores. Because of the small, multiple tines, the DeWit fork was able to perform in tight, overgrown spaces, as well as open pathways and new planting beds. From loosening soil to weeding a small area to arranging straw mulch, it performed well and as expected. It was also very handy for digging up plants with deep roots and turning over soil when clearing the garden at season’s end.

As a smaller version of a larger handfork, it performed much like a larger handfork only on a smaller and more convenient scale for a more compact garden area.

At 10.8 inches long and weighing only 0.5 lbs, the DeWit Small X-Treme Handfork a manageable size and weight for those with smaller hands – the ladies in our demonstration garden loved it.


The DeWit handfork is perfect for a wide variety of gardening tasks

Sturdy & Comfortable Handle

The ash handle is sturdy yet comfortable to grip an should last a long time if cared for (wipe it down after use and keep it dry). DeWit wooden handles come from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, government-controlled forests that regulates the use of wood and the replanting of trees for a greener environment. I always recommend wearing gardening gloves  when gardening and, in this case, gloves would give a bit of extra comfort if using the wooden handle for an extended period of time.

Forged Steel For Long-Lasting Strength & Durability

The boron steel fork, forged to provide strength, is strong – the tines didn’t bend or get dinged up even when prying up rocks or hitting hard surfaces. It was easy to clean with a quick wipe from a damp cloth and should last a long time if kept clean and dry.

Made in Holland

The Small X-Treme Handfork is made in Holland by DeWit. The company was founded April 1, 1898, when Willem de Wit started his blacksmith company in Kornhorn, a small village in northern Holland. Today, the 4th generation of the forging family runs the garden tool company.


Strong yet lightweight, tough and well balanced, the DeWit Small X-Treme Handfork allows you to easily tackle a wide variety of gardening chores. It’s perfect for those with smaller hands (there’s also a larger version available) and for working in clay and hard soil. It’s great value for a tool that should last a lifetime (with proper care).

Where To Buy

DeWit X-Treme Hand Fork, Small
Price: $30.50
Price Disclaimer

The DeWit Small X-Treme Handfork is sold by many garden centers and online retailers. To locate a local retailer or online source, visit their website.

It’s also available on Amazon (free shipping with Prime membership) for  $32.00 (for the small size) or $20.00 (for the standard size).

Now over to you – Have you used a handfork to break up clay or hard dirt? Let us know in the comments below!

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