GPR Seal of Approval

About the GPR Seal of Approval

The GPR Seal of Approval recognizes products that meet the highest standards for quality, ease of use, functionality and reliability. Only products that earn our highest rating, a “5-shovel rating,” are eligible to use the Seal of Approval.

Each year, fewer than 30% of the products we review earn the Seal of Approval.


Is my product eligible for the Seal of Approval?

How do I submit my product for testing and review?

How much does it cost to submit my product?

How many of my product do I need to submit?

What if my product is really expensive? Do I still have to send it to you? Will you return it to me?

What happens after I submit my product?

How long will it take until I hear the results of the testing process?

How are the testers selected to review my product?

If my product earns a Seal of Approval, how can I access the logo and other materials?

How much does it cost to use the Seal of Approval?


Before a product can be considered for a GPR Seal of Approval, it must have gone through our rigorous testing and review process. Please complete the Product Submission form below to tell us a little bit about your product. We'll let you know what to do from there.


If one of your products has earned a 5-shovel rating from GPR, you're eligible to use the Seal of Approval. Simply complete your company profile and submit payment. You'll then be directed to the Partner Center to download the logo, press release and other marketing materials.