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Dramm ColorStorm Spinning Sprinkler: Product Review

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A wonderful sprinkler for low water pressure situations

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The Dramm ColorStorm Spinning Sprinkler is specifically made for low water pressure situations. The simple yet effective design has water spinning out in a circular pattern. The lower the water pressure, the more mist-like the water becomes.

The powder-coated metal comes in six different color options, like all of the Dramm ColorStorm products. You can even pair it with a color-matched Dramm ColorStorm Premium Hose!

Watch the video to see the product in action, hear what we thought, and see if it might be the right sprinkler for you and your yard or garden.


The Dramm ColorStorm Spinning Sprinkler has no box or other packaging. There’s a sticker on the back that gives instructions and warnings, including California’s Proposition 65 warning about lead in the brass parts. (Note: stickers should be removed before use).



Metal or Plastic: Metal (brass), plastic spinner
Adjustable length: No
Adjustable width: No
Adjustable flow:  No
Adjustable pattern(s): No
On/off switch: No
Advertised coverage area: 38′ diameter
Tested coverage area: 30′ + diameter (at 24 PSI)
Work with low water pressure? Yes, specifically made to work around 15 – 20 PSI



The Dramm ColorStorm Spinning Sprinkler has a metal powder-coated base and brass parts (other than the spinning part, which is plastic coated with a silver color). Brass contains lead so that’s something to consider if you garden organically, particularly for an organic food garden. The metal ensures that the sprinkler will stay in place, and the powder-coating prevents the sprinkler from rusting.

Dramm spinning from side

The Dramm ColorStorm Spinning Sprinkler has a machined brass hose connector that includes a washer and strainer

There is also a washer in the hose connector to prevent leaks, and a strainer to keep dirt and debris out of the sprinkler and its moving parts. The hose connector itself is machined brass, but we found it a bit unwieldy. Given the shape of the sprinkler, it was difficult to get a good grip on it to connect it to the hose – a larger or rubberized connector would have been preferable.

Dramm spinning hose connector

The metal hose connector was tough to grip

Uses and Limitations

The Dramm ColorStorm Spinning Sprinkler is a simple sprinkler, but it does one thing and it does it well. This sprinkler was designed to work in low water pressure situations, such as running it off a well. At lower pressure, the water is emitted as a fine mist, but with higher pressure, the water becomes more droplet-like.


Dramm spinning parts

The water comes out on top of the sprinkler and is output in a circular motion

The Dramm ColorStorm Spinning Sprinkler emits water in a circular pattern, up to 38 feet in diameter. We used well water to test the coverage area; the water pressure was around 24 PSI, so we only reached a diameter of about 30 feet. In a higher pressure situation, the water would probably go further.

Dramm spinning rainbow

In low water pressure situations, the Dramm ColorStorm Spinning Sprinkler creates a fine mist

Because it creates a mist, watering is fairly even and dispersed well. This might work well for an area where you just laid down seed, as the water is unlikely to wash away the seed. It’s also great for oddly-shaped areas or smaller spaces. The main feature of this sprinkler, however, is how well it works in low-pressure situations.

Unlike oscillating water sprinklers, the Dramm ColorStorm Spinning Sprinkler creates a circular pattern, so if you are using it to water a rectangular or square lawn, you’ll have to move it to cover all areas.

We measured the amount of water reaching the ground at 5, 10 and 15 feet away from the sprinkler and found that there was more water at 5 feet away than at 10 feet. It wasn’t a huge difference, but it was noticeable. By the time we hit the outside of the sprinkler’s reach at 15 feet, very little water actually hit the lawn. Those findings will differ depending on your water pressure but expect to see less water on the perimeter of the coverage area than toward the center.


Dramm has a limited lifetime warranty on all its products against defects in material and workmanship.


The Dramm ColorStorm Spinning Sprinkler is great at what it’s created for – to be used in low water pressure situations. At low pressure, the sprinkler emits water in a fine mist; the higher your water pressure, the more the mist turns to droplets. The heavy metal base keeps the sprinkler in place, and the spinning top evenly distributes the water in a circular pattern. However, if you have a rectangular yard or an organic food garden, you might want to consider a sprinkler made for those situations.

Dramm spinning from above

Where to Buy

The Dramm ColorStorm Spinning Sprinkler is available in six different color options from Amazon, which is your best bet for finding a specific color. You may also be able to find it at your local independent garden center (but call before you go because they may not have the style or color you want).

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