Author Pat Leuchtman

Pat Leuchtman has been an organic gardener for nearly 40 years, and writing her Between the Rows weekly column for The (Greenfield, MA) Recorder almost as long. She also blogs at She recently moved from 60 acres in a small town to a small city and is creating a very different garden on an urban lot. Learn more about Pat here.

The Plant Listener, by Julie C. Kilpatrick – Book Review

“Plants are talking to us every day …. All we have to do is learn how to listen.” With that, Julie C. Kilpatrick takes us on a journey of discovery, showing us how plants have evolved and, given that, how best to care for them. There are no photographs or other images, but her words and explanations are clear (and sometimes humorous). The Plant Listener is a small book with a big story and I Continue Reading

Corona Leaf & Stem Micro Snip (FS 3214D): Product Review

I found these small, lightweight snips more useful than I had expected. With extremely sharp stainless steel blades that cut up to 3/8-inch stems and slip-free ComfortGEL® handles, you’re sure to find many small tasks in the garden that will be made easier by using the Leaf & Stem Micro Snips. And they’re not just for outdoor use, which makes them an even more handy tool to have. Continue Reading

Flexon Commercial Premium Rubber Hose: Product Review

With crush-proof solid brass couplings, high burst strength, and a 10-year warranty, this heavy-duty rubber garden hose is built to last. At 9.4 lbs it’s heavier than a regular hose, but it stands up well to frequent use (even being dragged over abrasive surfaces) and kinks less than most. Available in red, black and green, this is a hose that I unequivocally recommend. Continue Reading

‘Success With Hydrangeas, A Gardeners Guide’ by Lorraine Ballato – Book Review

This is an excellent book, both for the novice and the experienced gardener. It covers everything you need to know about successfully growing hydrangeas, including identification, care (fertilizing, watering, mulching and transplanting), handling insect and disease problems, and using hydrangeas in the garden. With beautiful photographs and well-organized, clear information it can be used a reference book when you have a specific problem or need specific information. Continue Reading