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Flexzilla Hose With SwivelGrip (HFZG550YWS): Product Review


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A top quality, high tech hose that’s truly kink free and built to last,

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The Flexzilla Flexible Hybrid Polymer garden hose with SwivelGrip (bend restrictor and coupler rotator) is an exceptional product. It has two things that make it stand out from other hoses: the couplers, and the fact that I couldn’t get it to kink under pressure (unlike some other hoses I own).

The hose I tested was 5/8 inch by 50 feet, but it comes in lengths from 3 feet to 100 feet in this same 5/8 inch diameter.


  • Maximum working pressure: 150 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) @ 700F
  • Drinking water safe
  • Lays flat (no twisting memory in the hose)
  • No kinking when the hose is under pressure
  • Flexibility in a wide range of temperature extremes
  • Lightweight
  • Coils easily
  • Anodized aircraft aluminum fittings (crash resistant)
  • Abrasion-resistant outer cover
  • Bend restrictor
  • SwivelGrip rotating couplers at each end


The Flexzilla Hose couplers are made of high strength, crush resistant aircraft grade aluminum, and have plastic sleeves (the SwivelGrips) that slide up over them. These sleeves fit snugly over the shape of the outside of the couplers, and come down far enough on the hose that the user’s entire hand will fit on them.

This means that you can use your entire hand strength to turn the coupler, rather than just your finger strength. As someone with age and work damaged hands, I really appreciate this feature! In the past I have found myself resorting to channel lock pliers to remove hoses screwed onto faucets over zealously; I cannot see this happening with this hose. The hose would be great for people with arthritis.

The couplers also turn independently from the hose, so you don’t have to fight with the hose flopping around as you tighten it to the faucet or another hose. This also means that as you work, and turn around corners or turn the nozzle or sprayer end to different angles, the hose doesn’t fight you but turns so there is no stress on it. No more sprinklers flipping over after you put them down.

Flexzilla Hose couplers

The hose is easy to install with the SwivelGrip and aircraft grade aluminum fittings

Strong Yet Flexible

The Flexzilla hose feels soft but is very strong. It has a tensile breaking strength of over 25,000 lbs. and will stand up to 150 PSI (at 700 F) without bursting – not many people have water systems with the pressure that high. I tried this hose in 950 F weather and at 400 F, and it was flexible at both temperatures.

Although I couldn’t test it at below freezing temperatures (up to –400 F), the company claims that the hose remains flexible even at this extreme. There’s a video on the Flexilla website that demonstrates how flexible it remains at this low temperature. Standard vinyl and some rubber hoses shatter at this temperature.


Despite this seeming softness at a variety of temperatures, the Flexilla hose is strong enough not to kink. I dragged it all over the yard, around planters and shrubs and porches, and it did not get pinched off. I even dragged it around concrete blocks and the exterior sheath of the hose saw no wear.

Another durability aspect of the hose is abuse from hot metal objects. My husband accidentally put a hot lighter chimney for our BBQ grill on it, and while it melted through the outside abrasion layer, the inner layer is still fine and held up with no swelling under the 70 psi our water system is set at.


You can coil this hose up any old way, and then drag one end out, and it will just uncoil, rather than getting kinks as it gets pulled out. I found that quite impressive. The key is to hold onto the sheath covering the coupler at the end of the hose; this allows the SwivelGrip coupler to turn freely and pull any kinks out of the hose.

When under pressure, however, the hose is more difficult to coil. I recommend turning the water off and releasing the pressure at the hose nozzle or sprinkler before trying to coil the hose.

I do not own a hose reel, so I can’t comment on how it will perform when unrolling. But I think that a hose reel would make it even easier to unwind without kinking. Just be sure to follow the instructions carefully – you’ll need to stretch the hose out flat before winding it onto the hose reel the first time.

Flexzilla Hose coiled

The hose coiled easily and did not kink when unwound or while dragging it around the garden


The Flexzilla hose is also drinking water safe. That’s good since we have animals. It’s a trademarked chartreuse color that makes it easy to see, even in grass. And the hose comes with an upgraded O-ring washer that virtually eliminates leaks at the spigot and nozzle ends of the hose. In my testing, there were no leaks at all.


The Flexilla hose with SwivelGrip has a limited lifetime warranty (that it is free of defects in material and workmanship for life from date of purchase under normal use), but the terms are daunting – you must ship the entire hose back to them, along with proof of date of purchase and the original retail label (the cardboard carrier that the hose is packaged in).

The Flexzilla hose is made by Legacy Manufacturing, based in Marion IA, but the hose is actually made in Taiwan. Legacy can be contacted via their website.


The Flexzilla hose is filled with features. I liked the green color that showed up in the grass. It made it super-visible and unlikely to be hit with a lawn mower or tripped over.  Its high-quality aluminum ends gave the hose a real feeling of quality and the coupler grips (SwivelGrip) make for easy fastening and unfastening of the hose from spigots and nozzles. In my tests, I couldn’t get it to kink even after dragging it through my garden, around corners and coiling and uncoiling it. And, finally, I appreciated the true flexibility of the hose at low temperatures. Overall, it’s a great hose that I would recommend to anyone.

[Editor’s Note: We’ve seen reports about the Flexilla hoses developing a black coating on the exterior of the hose. It’s not clear what this is (dirt? mold? degrading plastic?) but it doesn’t appear to wash off.]


The Flexzilla hose with SwivelGrip (model # HFZG550YWS) can be bought from Amazon for $48.49. SwivelGrip™ Flexzilla® Hose, 50′ is also at Gardener’s Supply, but it doesn’t appear that the SwivelGrip comes in the green color. A similar model without the SwivelGrip (HFZG550YW) is available on multiple sites for less, but we recommend the SwivelGrip as it helps eliminate kinks.

Price Reduction
The Flexzilla hose with SwivelGrip (model # HFZG550YWS)
The Flexzilla hose with SwivelGrip (model HFZG550YWS, not to be confused with HFZG550YW which doesn’t have the SwivelGrip ends) is top quality, high tech hose that’s truly kink free and built to last.

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8 Comments on Flexzilla Hose With SwivelGrip (HFZG550YWS): Product Review

  1. I have high water pressure. While researching garden hoses, I read that it’s best to buy a hose with a psi of 300 or higher. I love the fact that this hose has the hand grips which makes screwing it on and off much easier. But what about the psi issue?

    • Realistically, even homes with high water pressure don’t usually get over the 150 PSI range, which is what the Flexilla hose can handle. If you’ve checked your water pressure and know that it’s higher than that, then this would not be the hose for you (although those hand grips are nice!).

      All else being equal, a higher PSI rating is good to have in a hose. However, that usually means the hose will be heavier and thicker. It’s a trade-off. Lightweight hoses like the Flexilla hose won’t have a 300 PSI rating. If you need something that will withstand higher pressure, I recommend the Dramm premium ColorStorm hose – it will stand up to just about anything! (but it’s heavier than the Flexilla) Or, if you want lightweight, try the Aeroflex hose – it’s rated for 300 PSI.

  2. OAP

    My old, inexpensive hose which admittedly not well cared for, split. I began looking for another hose, and this one sounds wonderful. Then, I read quite a few reviews on Amazon that the hose develops black mould. Some reviewers also reported problems with kinking. I have never had a hose that did not kink, so I have learnt to live with kinking, but I really do not want anything that will develop black mould. Has the manufacturer remedied this problem?

    • I spoke with the manufacturer about the black “stuff” just last week. They told me that it doesn’t harm the hose or you. It has to do with the materials that the hose is made out of. To make the hose so flexible, the material has to be very pliable, and that makes the surface somewhat porous. It picks up dust and dirt that becomes embedded in the surface. They suggested two ways to clean off the hose (although it’s not necessary to do either of these if you don’t mind the black spots) – (1) rub down the hose with Formula 409 multi-surface cleaner using a rag, or (2) soak the hose in a bucket overnight with a 10% bleach solution.

  3. Sil Coria

    I’ve read on Amazon a lengthy well written report from a buyer. about the FLEXILLLA hose main issues: It is prone to mold and it’s NOT drinking water safe. I was looking for a hose that is safe to drink from, resists kinks and is not heavy to manage for a newly started herbs, citrus and organic vegetable garden. I’m in my 60s and can’t handle the heavier hoses anymore. I’ve purchased the Water Right from Amazon , meets all my needs. Their website is also informative and transparent.

  4. Sil Coria

    I’ve read on Amazon a lengthy well-written report from a buyer about the FLEXILLLA hose main issues: It is prone to mold and it’s NOT drinking water safe. I was looking for a hose that is safe to drink from, resists kinks and is not heavy to manage for a newly started herbs, citrus and organic vegetable garden. I’m in my 60s and can’t handle the heavier hoses anymore. I’ve purchased the Water Right from Amazon, meets all my needs. Their website is also informative and transparent.

    • Water Right makes very good hoses and is one of the brands we recommend if you’re looking for drinking water safe hoses (see review here). I’m glad you were able to find a hose that meets your needs 🙂 As for the “mold” on the Flexilla hoses, it’s not actually mold. You can see an explanation in the comments above.

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