Introduction to Electric Pressure Washers

Have you used an electric power washer before? In this video, we go over the different kinds of nozzles available for use on various electric pressure washers, benefits of using an electric pressure washer over a gas-powered one, and several interesting features found on some models.

Different types of nozzles

There are 5 types of nozzles generally found on electric pressure washers, represented by 5 different colors, along with a bonus turbo one on the model shown in this video.

Red – Removes stains from concrete, not for use on soft materials like wood, comes out in a single, powerful stream (no angle)

Yellow – 15 degree angle, for surface preparation and paint removal

White – 40 degree angle, ideal for things like washing a car or removing leaves and sticks from driveways, sidewalks, etc. It also works well for cleaning out gutters.

Green – 25 degree angle, great for washing the side of your house or for patios

Black – Designed for applying soap (make sure you use a cleaning product made for pressure washer application!). The pressure washer in the video has a tank especially for the cleaning solution.

Turbo – The unique tornado-like movement from the turbo nozzle ensures that you don’t have to move your hands as much, and provides even more power. It can increase your speed by about 50%. (The tornado circle is 0 degrees to 15 degrees). You could use the turbo nozzle for any type of application.

Important: The closer you are to the surface you’re spraying, the more force is applied from the pressure washer. 

Benefits of electric powered pressure washers

  1. No engine running in the background (less noise pollution/bothering neighbors, etc.)
  2. Motor immediately starts and shuts off with the trigger (usually found on the pressure washer wand)
  3. No fumes from gasoline
  4. Easy to move with wheels and handle
  5. On/off switches are easy to understand and are water sealed
  6. Tend to be smaller/more compact

The electric power washer featured in this video is the model #YF1800LR from Yard Force. We gave it a 5-star rating and highly recommend it. You can see the full review here >>

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