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How to Plant Tomatoes to Maximize Your Harvest


This video tutorial shows you exactly how to plant tomatoes (plants and/or seedlings) for strong, healthy plants and more tomatoes. I show you how to plant tomatoes in the ground, a self-watering planter and even in a bucket.

There’s a complete demonstration and explanation of how to correctly plant tomato seedlings – whether you started them yourself or bought them from a garden center.


I cover everything you need to know to successfully plant tomato seedlings to ensure a bountiful harvest.

• How to harden off tomatoes before planting
• What to do with spindly seedlings
• What to add to the soil before planting and why
• The one thing to add that will prevent blossom end rot
• The difference between determinate and indeterminate tomatoes
• Why you should “plant deep” and how to do it in a shallow planter

Find the last frost date in your area here.

Products shown in this video:

2 x 8′ Elevated Planter from Gardener’s Supply
Organic Tomato Success Kit from Gardener’s Supply
Sustane Compost Tea
Slow-Release Tomato and Vegetable Food 8-10-3
Earthworm Castings
Espoma Garden Lime
Stacking Tomato Ladders from Gardener’s Supply

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