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Ultimate Hose Nozzle: Product Review

Ultimate Hose Nozzle - one of the best hose nozzles

Ultimate hose nozzle

In spring of 2012, I bought the Ultimate Hose Nozzle (from Bon-Aire Industries) at the Fairfield County Home Show. All of the gardening nozzles I’d used the previous summer had broken – I dropped one on the driveway and it cracked, one literally fell apart, and the third one stopped spraying in any pattern other than a strong jet – so I was looking for something different that might be a little sturdier.

Built to Last

The Ultimate Hose Nozzle certainly is different and, with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, it promised to be a lot sturdier than the typical hose nozzle. I started using the nozzle in April and, despite being left out in the dirt, trampled on, run over by the lawn mower, dropped on a brick walkway, and generally mistreated, it held up well over the summer. I then left it out in the garden all winter and, surprise, surprise, it still works perfectly.

Ultimate Hose Nozzle has 5 different spray patternsEasy to Use

The Ultimate Hose Nozzle is made out of high-grade stainless steel, non-corroding brass, reinforced fiberglass, and Santoprene rubber – it’s definitely built to last. The nozzle is very well-designed and engineered – the O-rings inside it prevent leaking, there’s a cool two-way shut-off feature that allows you to turn off the flow of water by twisting the nozzle in either direction, you can take it apart with a 5/32″ Hex to clean and re-lube if desired, and you can even get replacement parts directly from the manufacturer (when you buy your hose nozzle, there’ll be an insert in the packaging with the contact information for Bon-Aire Industries).

The Ultimate Hose Nozzle comes in a variety of colors (e.g., blue, red, green) and fits any standard 5/8” hose. There are five different spray patterns, depending on how far you twist the end of the nozzle, ranging from a gentle fan to a powerful jet. The jet has come in very handy in knocking aphids off my roses without damaging the plants.

My only quibble with the Ultimate Hose Nozzle is that it works less well with low water pressure, especially on the “mist” setting (it emits bigger water droplets that may damage more delicate plants). However, with normal levels of water pressure, it works very well and is practically indestructible. It’s the best hose nozzle I’ve ever owned for general garden use and my go-to in most watering situations. However, for watering containers and smaller plants, I use the Dramm One Touch Rain Wand instead (here’s the review on the Dramm hose nozzle).

Where to Buy It

The Ultimate Hose Nozzle is sold in both the gardening aisle and/or auto parts department (targeting car owners who like to wash their car at home) so be sure to look in both places. It’s also available on Amazon.

Bon-Aire Original Ultimate Aluminum Hose Nozzle ( Colors may vary )
  • Durable, five-pattern spray nozzle turns any standard garden hose into multifunction spray tool
  • Engineered with aircraft-grade aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass and comfort-grip soft rubber to withstand years of use
  • Fire hose nozzle construction
  • Unique patented two-way shut off for added convenience
  • 1-year warranty

If you search online, you may find a website called the Ultimate Hose Nozzle. Please note that it’s not associated with Bon-Aire Industries (maker of the nozzle) in any way – it’s simply a site that directs you to Amazon to purchase the nozzle.

I also recommend placing a hose washer at both ends of your garden hose. Not only does it make it easier to unfasten the hose from the nozzle or faucet, but it also prevents leaks. It’s well worth the small investment. Look for a washer that’s made of a softer rubber (rather than a hard plastic) so that it compresses easily. I like these rubber hose washers from Gilmour.

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15 Comments on Ultimate Hose Nozzle: Product Review

  1. Laura Diamondstone

    There is only a 1 year warranty on these – NOT “with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.” Just checked amazon: 1 year warranty only. About as long lasting as all the other nozzles I have to keep replacing. Still on the search for a LIFETIME (or I would be ecstatic with a 5-10 year warranty).

  2. Robin

    Sears says you have a lifetime warranty, but it now takes an act of congress to get a replacement. I spent 30 minutes at the store, then another 45 minutes on the phone from home. They want me to pay for shipping of the sprayer. After all of this, I tossed it in the trash as a matter of principle and started shopping here.
    You would be better off buying the same thing without the Craftsman name and save extra cash.

  3. Toni Gattone

    You should look into the ergonomic hand sprayer by Garden Works. It was developed for someone with arthritis who lacks hand strength and it operates by a thumb control which allows you to go from a light spray for window boxes to a heavy spray for cleaning the sidewalk.


  5. Dave Peters

    For me a key feature of this kind of nozzle is a strong spray in the ‘medium’ spray pattern which is particularly useful when I wash my car, ‘sweep’ my sidewalks/drivewa, or clean off toolsy. My experience is that normally nozzles like this tend to have more forceful streams throughout their spray pattern spectrum.. The spray from this nozzle might be good for sprinkling purposes but I am disappointed.

    • Perhaps it’s a water pressure issue, Dave? The ones we’ve tested have been quite forceful throughout the entire range of spray patterns. But they don’t work so well with lower water pressure.

  6. Jo

    Hi I bought an ultimate hose from an expo in June 2018. the hose is now starting to leak. I was wondering how I can replace it using the life time warranty?

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