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Ultimate Hose Nozzle with Handle: Product Review


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A great nozzle for a variety of projects

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This version is very similar to the original Ultimate Hose Nozzle, which we reviewed a while back. The big difference is that the Ultimate Hose Nozzle with Handle features – no big surprise here – a handle with a soft grip.

My first impression was that the handle would make it a lot easier to hold the nozzle while watering plants or washing the car.  This was true.  That’s not to say that the original hose nozzle (sans handle) isn’t easy to hold, just that the handle on the newer one makes a difference.


The version with the handle is considerably larger and bulkier than the original (bottom), but that makes it easier to hold and gives you more control.

The most noticeable feature is how easy it is to direct the spray.  Just point the handle toward the area that needs water and viola.

I also found that it takes a little less wrist strength to turn the nozzle in the direction you need the water to go as the handle provides addition torque that the non-handled one doesn’t.

The handle makes it easy to hold the nozzle (and your hand doesn't get cold from the water in the hose)

The handle makes it easy to hold the nozzle (and your hand doesn’t get cold from the water in the hose)

It’s a quite a bit heavier than the original, weighing in at approximately 14.5 oz. vs. approximately 8.5 oz.  I thought this weight difference might make it more difficult to move the nozzle freely while watering, but it didn’t.  And even at about 14.5 oz., I didn’t find it so much heavier that I got tired using it.

The feature I like best is the nozzle’s soft rubber-like handle.  It’s the perfect diameter for virtually any hand size, and is very comfortable to hold.


The soft rubber-like material is soft to the touch and very comfortable to grip

On the downside, it can be tricky to attach the nozzle to a hose with a molded end or hose collar. I have large hands and the thickness of the hose at the molded end made the Ultimate Hose Nozzle handle hit my knuckles as I screwed it onto the hose. To avoid the knuckle issue, I had to place my hand farther back on the hose, although that made it a bit harder to twist the hose onto the nozzle.

Ultimate Hose Nozzle spraying

It’s easy to direct the spray with the new handled nozzle

The only other thing that limits the nozzle is its 5 spray patterns (this is the same observation we had for the original model).  Some patterns are useful and others will blow away soil, plants and seeds if the nozzle is used in the fire hose mode.  These setting are perfect for blowing off items and cleaning your car, but not for gardening purposes.  The nozzle has a place in the garden for sure, but it’s not designed to be exclusively used there.  The other settings (fine spray, medium spray and soaker) are fine for gardening applications.

For more details on the construction of the hose nozzle and the spray patterns, see our original review.


There is a limited lifetime manufacturers warranty on this product.  “If at any time your nozzle does not operate, contact H.I.S.C (866) 833-4472 for replacement or repair.  Simply return your nozzle with $10.95 for return shipping and handling charges”.  H.I.S.C, Inc. address: 1009 Calle Recodo, San Clemente, CA  92673


I like the new Ultimate Hose Nozzle with Handle.  The handle makes it easy to control, easy to pick up, comfortable, and relieves wrist fatigue. It still has the same 5 spray patterns as the original Ultimate Hose Nozzle (some useful in the garden and some not).  Overall, I would choose this version over the original.

Where to Buy:

The Ultimate Hose Nozzle with Handle is no longer available, but a similar product (with five different patterns) is available from DePalma Enterprises website. At this time only the original model (without a handle) is available on Amazon.

Ultimate Innovations 06027 Ultimate Hose Nozzle - Green
the original, available in several color options

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