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An excellent choice for watering delicate plants

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Dramm’s One Touch Fan Nozzle has only one spray pattern – a fan pattern that provides a steady yet gentle flow of water that won’t damage delicate plants. It also features the One Touch shut off valve that makes it easy to turn the water on and off with just a gentle nudge of your thumb.

Why Only One Spray Pattern?

It seems that most spray nozzles these days have multiple spray patterns – the more the better…

Dramm’s Fan Nozzle won’t wash cars, clean decks or blast bugs off plants. But what it does do – gently water plants – it does extremely well.

I found it most useful for watering containers full of annuals, keeping my hydrangeas well-watered (no afternoon wilting!), and watering in newly-transplanted perennials. It would also be good for watering seedlings and other delicate plants.


With lots of precision-drilled holes, the Dramm fan nozzle puts out a lot of water without flattening your plants

About the One Touch Valve

If you find it tiring (or painful, for those of us with arthritis) to hold a trigger-style nozzle, or have difficulty turning a knob to control water flow, then you’ll love the One Touch valve.

The nozzle is ergonomically designed so the on/off valve is right by your thumb. Just slide it back and forth to control the volume of water. All but those with very small hands will find that the One Touch valve is in just the right position to make it comfortable and easy to use.

[Editor’s Note: We tested the One Touch valve in an earlier review (see the Dramm Rain Wand) thinking that it might be a point of failure or leakage. It performed flawlessly then and has continued to work exceptionally well on all Dramm spray nozzles we’ve tested since then.]


The Dramm fan nozzle puts out a gentle shower

Solid Construction

The Dramm Fan Nozzle has a powder coated, heavy-duty metal body with a non-slip coating on the ergonomically molded handle.

The fan nozzle itself is made of sturdy black plastic designed to resist corrosion.

Although there is a washer already in the fan nozzle, we recommend inserting another high-quality, rubber washer into the connection point (such as these ones from Gilmour) to prevent any future leaks.

6 Fun Colors

Like all Dramm products, the One Touch Fan Nozzle is available in a rainbow of colors (purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red). Try losing one of those in the garden!

Lifetime Guarantee

Made in USADramm is a Wisconsin-based company that’s been providing high quality watering tools for over 75 years. They provide a lifetime guarantee on their products and have excellent customer service should you ever experience an issue with your fan nozzle.

The Dramm fan nozzle is made in the U.S.A.


This isn’t one of those “does everything” spray nozzles. But if you need a nozzle to water delicate plants or to provide a lot of water quickly without drowning or flattening everything in the garden, this is an excellent choice. With an ergonomic design, top-notch quality and six fun colors to choose from, you can’t go wrong with the Dramm One Touch Fan Nozzle.

Where to Buy

Dramm products, including the One Touch Fan Nozzle, are often found in independent garden centers but not in big box stores (beware of knock-offs – just because it’s painted in one of the Dramm colors doesn’t mean it’s a Dramm). It’s probably easiest to buy the nozzle online from Amazon where it sells for around $15 (depending on color).


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Dramm One Touch Fan Nozzle
If you need a nozzle to water delicate plants or to provide a lot of water quickly without drowning or flattening everything in the garden, this is an excellent choice.

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