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Melnor AquaFlo Titanium (00452) Metal Thumb-Controlled Adjustable Nozzle: Product Review

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Beefy and built to last. 9 spray patterns and a thumb flow control make this a garden workhorse.

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The 00452 is just one in a collection of 13 nozzles in Melnor’s AquaFlo Titanium line. Bristling with an impressive 10 watering patterns, a slip-resistant rubberized grip and head, heavyweight metal construction, and a thumb controlled flow-control and shut-off, the 00452 makes this a worthy contender in the highly competitive garden nozzle market.

Spray Head

The 00452 has enough spray patterns to satisfy any gardener (or just about any). How many more could you possibly want or need? Here are the 10 patterns you get:

  1. Shower
  2. Vertical
  3. Jet
  4. Center
  5. Mist
  6. Soaker
  7. Cone
  8. Full
  9. Flat
  10. Angle
Melnor 00452 spray head

10 different spray patterns can tackle just about anything

My testing revealed that all ten patterns were useful in one way or another. And of course most garden nozzles are used for other purposes like washing cars, cleaning windows, blasting off cobwebs, etc. You can’t go wrong with that expression “more is better” and the nozzle certainly has this, and then some.

I also liked the size of the spray head. It was beefy, easy to grab hold of due to its rubberized head, and very easy to turn to whatever spray pattern I desired.

And like the other Melnor AquaFloTitanium we tested (see the Melnor AquaFlo Titanium T301 review), it has a distinct audible “click”when it moves from one spray pattern to another, thereby eliminating the need to check and see if the spray pattern is securely in place.

The spray head is very easy to adjust, even when water is flowing through the nozzle under high pressure. Just dial up your setting and off you go.


The large ring makes it easy to adjust the spray settings and the rubber protects it well.

Be careful with the “jet” setting though, especially if you want to go from a “vertical” to a “center” setting, as the “jet” spray pattern is between these two settings. This jet setting under full water pressure will drill holes in your garden soil and excavate a plant in no time flat. The most useful garden application that I found for the “jet” pattern was to fill self watering reservoirs in a variety of types of planter boxes. I didn’t even have to bend over to fill some. I just shot a solid stream directly into the reservoir port/opening and voila … filled container. No muss, no fuss.

Flow-Control and Shut-Off

Located at the top of the nozzle is the Flow-Control and Shut-Off valve. I found it to be ergonomically well designed, and easy to swing the valve from OFF to ON or anywhere in between. A real plus is the ability to regulate water flow by finding some mid-point between completely OFF and ON. So if the shower setting is just a little too strong on those newly sprouted seedlings, just pull back on the Flow-Control to limit the amount of water. This is by far one of the coolest features of the nozzle.

Melnor nozzle shut off valve

Shut off valve in open and closed positions

It should be noted however that the Flow-Control and Shut-Off lever is large, and so is the nozzle.

I have large hands and could easily control the flow using only my thumb on the hand holding the nozzle. But for those with smaller hands, this is not possible. If you’re holding the nozzle in one hand, the ON/OFF flow-regulating valve will have to be operated with the other hand.

Some may find a dual handed approach too cumbersome and opt for a smaller nozzle within the Melnor AquaFlo Titanium series or another brand all together (for example, the Dramm OneTouch series of hose nozzles are smaller and can be more easily operated with one hand). But from my perspective, the 00452 fit my hand perfectly and the Flow-Control and Shut-Off lever was in the right place for me.

Heavy-Duty Construction

The first time I picked up the nozzle I was impressed by its built-to-last heft. This is no lightweight in the garden spray nozzle category.

It has a very solid metal body and sturdy rubber grips. These features alone make it a real workhorse in the garden and around the house.

I dragged the Melnor AquaFlo Titanium (00452) Metal Thumb-Controlled Adjustable Nozzle through dirt, mud, over concrete and gravel, across the driveway, and over a stone wall. I didn’t baby this thing. And, like the famous Timex watch slogan, “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking”. I beat on (almost abused) this nozzle and it just kept on working – the darn thing was almost bullet proof.

rubber grips on Melnor nozzle

Heavy duty construction and comfortable rubber grips make it easy to hold

Non-Slip Rubber Grip

Another nice feature worth mentioning is the rubber grip that protected my hands from really cold or hot water at the nozzle head. The rubber grip also provided serious holding power even when my hands were wet or caked with dirt.

Finally, the Melnor spray nozzle also has an integrated hose washer inside the handle. As with any washer, you’ll want to replace it over time but it’s a good feature and provided a leak-proof seal.

washer in Melnor nozzle

There’s a washer in the nozzle to prevent leaks


I give the Melnor AquaFlo Titanium (00452) Metal Thumb-Controlled Adjustable Nozzle a 5-shovel rating. For me, it was a terrific product. And despite its larger size and weight, I feel that even smaller hands would benefit from its versatility and plethora of features … even if a two handed operation is required. It’s tough, practical, well-designed and a great addition to any gardener’s arsenal of products.

Where To Buy

The Melnor AquaFlo Titanium (00452) Metal Thumb-Controlled Adjustable Nozzle is available in a number of stores, including Home Depot under model # 00452-HD (it’s the exact same nozzle just a different color), Fred Meyer, and True Value as the 20452-GT (again, it’s the same nozzle just a different color/brand). Unfortunately, it’s not available on Amazon, although other models in the Melnor Aquaflo Titanium line are (such as the Aquaflo Titanium Metal 7-Pattern Nozzle).

And now over to you – What’s your favorite hose nozzle? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Judy

    The bad: Keep changing the settings, and the mechanism will break. I wonder if there is plastic inside.
    The good: It has a lifetime warranty, so when it does break, the company will send you a new one, no questions asked. This is my third nozzle, (one per season) and I’m happy I spent a bit more for that warranty, although I am hoping they fix the flaw.

    • Thanks for the input, Judy. When you say “the mechanism will break”, what mechanism are you referring to? Any details you can provide would be helpful. It’s never good to have a product break – but it sounds like they have great customer service!

  2. Purchased at Home Depot

    None like these will last long if they are dropped. The single screw that holds the selection head is only supported by a plastic column. It should be either fiberglass-reinforced or metal. Not sure if that would be sufficient to take a few drops, but it is better than the China plastic that is used in this one and the others like it. The handle may be heavy duty, but the selector head is NOT.

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