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May Gardening Tips

Each month, there’s so much that could be done in the garden that it’s hard to know what must be done. So I’ve broken the May gardening tasks into three categories. If you only have time for a few things, focus on the ‘Must Do’ tasks. Add in the ‘Should Do’ and ‘Nice to Do’ tasks as time allows. Continue Reading

Spring Irrigation System Check-Up

Now that spring has finally arrived, it's time to take a close look at your irrigation system to make sure that it's fully functional. Don't wait until hot, dry weather arrives to find out that you have a problem! A thorough inspection and run-through of your irrigation system now will save time, money, and headaches associated with hidden system malfunctions. Continue Reading

Soil Testing for the Home Gardener

Why should I test my soil? Soil testing takes the guesswork out of keeping your soil in optimum condition for plant growth and development. Soil testing is inexpensive when compared to investments in your plants, amendments, time, and effort. A basic soil test assesses the levels of major plant nutrients, soil pH, and micronutrients in […] Continue Reading