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Spring Irrigation System Check-Up

spring sprinkler check-upNow that spring has finally arrived, it’s time to take a close look at your irrigation system to make sure that it’s fully functional. Don’t wait until hot, dry weather arrives to find out that you have a problem! A thorough inspection and run-through of your irrigation system now will save time, money, and headaches associated with hidden system malfunctions.

Here are the most important things to look at in your irrigation system –

  • Check each controller / timer and replace the batteries
  • Check wiring (faulty or corroded wires are among the leading causes of system malfunction)
  • Make sure the rain gauge / shut-off is working and is set to turn off the irrigation system when 1″ of water per week has been delivered through a combination of rain and watering (if you don’t have a rain sensor, install one!)
  • Repair broken sprinkler heads (it’s amazing how many get damaged by snow removal equipment)
  • Adjust all heads so that water sprays only on lawn (ideally, garden/flower beds should use drip irrigation, rather than overhead sprinklers)
  • Unclog all drip emitters
  • Check pipes and tubing for leaks (pipes that weren’t fully blown out in fall can freeze and crack during the winter)
  • Check water pressure to be sure it’s at the correct level for your system
  • Independently run each zone and measure the amount of water dispensed (irrigation delivery should be matched to the needs of the turf / plants in each zone)

When you’re sure the entire system is operating correctly, schedule regular system checks and adhere to a proper maintenance schedule throughout the irrigation season. After a lightning or electrical storm, check your controllers and irrigation system for damage. And if your plant choices change over the season, adjust your system accordingly.

Note: I’m not advocating the use of automated irrigation systems, merely pointing out the necessary steps to keep them working well. Check back soon for an article on eco-friendly watering and the EPA WaterSense program.

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  3. Sage Scapes

    So many problems would be avoided and money saved if people would do their due diligence with their sprinkler system. You should write an article all about what can go wrong if you neglect it.

  4. Completely agree! So many small, minor adjustments go unattended and then before you know it your entire irrigation system is malfunctioning. Most homeowners don’t think about regular maintenance on their sprinkler system and wait for a problem to occur before having the system checked out. Everyone needs to read this article. Thanks for sharing!

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