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Growing Green – Shrink Your Lawn

I'm not quite sure where our love affair with the emerald green, perfectly manicured lawn came from but perhaps it's time to re-evaluate just how much lawn we really need. With huge portions of the USA in record-breaking drought conditions and growing awareness of the harm caused by excessive pesticide and fertilizer use, now's a good time to think about how to make do with less lawn. Continue Reading

Two-Batch Tumbling Composter: Product Review

If you ask me, the hardest part about composting is the effort required to turn the compost pile. As your pile of brown and green materials gets bigger and bigger, turning it over with a garden fork can become quite a workout. And if you stop turning the pile, it'll be a good long time before you get that black gold of crumbly, nutrient-rich compost you were hoping for. The Two-Batch Tumbling Composter from Gardener's Supply Continue Reading