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Aeroflex™ Expanding Garden Hose: Product Review


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A tough, full-size hose that shatters the expandable hose stereotype

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The Aeroflex™ Expanding Garden Hose from Bond is one of the newer types of expandable hoses that promises to withstand heavy use and last for more than just one season. It’s a lightweight hose that stretches to 50 feet long when in use but only takes up a small amount of space when drained of water.

I tend to be leery of frilly-looking, light-weight tools. Garden hoses included. I need my tools to be sturdy, last forever, and really get the job done. Pink handled screwdrivers? You’ll never find one of those in my toolbox. I want tools that perform.

Aeroflex hose package cover

The hose arrives in a small, easy-to-handle package

When I agreed to review the Aeroflex™ Expanding Garden Hose, I’ll admit the no-frills defense system jumped up in full force. After all, aren’t these no-kink, stretchy hoses only for deck gardeners? Now don’t get all ruffled up if indeed you are a deck gardener. There’s nothing wrong with gardening in any space. What I mean is that a hose isn’t usually dragged around, stretched, and walked on and driven over on a deck like I would do in my yard and garden areas. I just didn’t think I was going to like such a floppy tool. How could it possibly be the workhorse tool that I need?

Aeroflex hose fresh out of the package

Fresh out of the package

Tough As Nails

I put the Aeroflex™ Expanding Garden Hose by Bond to work this last year with a great deal of trepidation. I had just put to rest an old, leaky garden hose that had lasted several seasons although it was a bit stiff. On the other hand, the Aeroflex™ seemed too floppy and short for my immediate needs.

But once I turned on the water, I immediately saw how wrong I was!

First of all, the Aeroflex™ Expanding Garden Hose does not look like a new, brightly colored scrunchie for a six-year-old. The black and red outer layer looks more like a tough, heavy-duty elastic covering. According to the manufacturer, the cover is UV protected, meaning that the sun will not cause it to crack. After dragging it around for eight months and leaving it outside during the fall, winter, and spring, the outer layer does not appear to be worn or fraying. In fact, this hose could quite possibly pass as a new garden hose even after extensive use.

Aeroflex hose closeup

The covering looks like new even after extended use

The connectors on either end of the hose are made of heavy-duty ABS plastic. While I don’t usually like plastic couplings (brass is best), these have held up well with no cracking or fading from the sunlight.

Aeroflex hose closeup nozzle

Although it’s made of ABS plastic (rather than metal), the hose end is made to last

Kink-Free? Yes It Is!

Many hoses claim to be kink-free but until I used the Aeroflex™ Expanding Garden Hose I hadn’t found a full-sized hose that lived up to that claim. Because of the design, the Aeroflex™ just won’t kink, no matter what you do to it.

Full-Sized Hose In A Small Package

The hose does indeed expand twice its length (it stretches from 25 to 50 feet) and its diameter expands to a full 5/8″, the size of a regular watering hose. Yet when it’s not in use it shrinks down to a very small package that’s easy to store – just drop it in a bucket or basket.

The manufacturer claims that the Aeroflex™ hose has been tested with 300 PSI without bursting. While I can’t verify that claim, I can say that the hose stays flexible even when the water is turned all the way on (unlike most expandable hoses that become almost rigid when under pressure) and I never felt or saw any swelling or leaking that would suggest it’s about to spring a leak.

Aeroflex hose water turned on off - expanded hose

The hose is easy to store but expands to a full-size 5/8-inch 50-foot size

Useful Both In and Out Of The Garden

Besides its duties outside, this hose works really well for some indoor projects as well. I purchased a small adapter at the hardware store that allowed me to connect a hose to a kitchen sink faucet. This hose worked perfectly for filling up a 55-gallon fish tank without having to lug jugs and jugs of water across the room. Because it is lightweight and so flexible, it made the job really easy.

5-Year Warranty

Unlike most expandable hoses that typically last only one season (if you’re lucky), this one has a five-year warranty. After the beating this hose has taken from me, I believe it will indeed last a good long time. But if you do experience any problems, you can reach Bond’s customer service online and by phone through this link.

Editor’s Note – Bond told us that there were some issues with the packaging a few years ago that caused the contents to overheat and break down if stored improperly prior to sale (for example, in a warehouse or during shipping). As a result, some buyers experienced ruptured and/or leaking hoses. That issue has been fixed.


I am pleasantly surprised how much I like this hose and I would absolutely purchase it for my garden use. It really is kink-free, lightweight but very durable, and easy to coil or store away. Plus, unlike other expandable hoses, it stretches to a full-size 5/8 inch diameter and 50 feet in length. Now if they just had one that expanded to 200 feet!

Where to Buy

The Aeroflex™ Expanding Garden Hose from Bond can be purchased in some garden centers but is easiest to find online. At only $24.99 on Amazon, it’s well-priced for a 50-foot garden hose.

Bond Manufacturing 989865 Aeroflex Stretch Hose, 50', 50-FT, Red
A lightweight, full-sized, truly kink-free hose.

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  1. Mary Snickers

    I am researching hoses because mine just popped. It was this hose, and I have had it for a month. It popped at a loose knot. So if your hose knots, immediately straighten it out.

    • Thanks for sharing that, Mary. You’re totally right – all knots should be immediately unknotted. That applies to ANY hose as it puts a lot of pressure at the spot where the knot is, increasing the chances of a rupture.

  2. Meredith Whitney Dozier

    Would this be safe for watering edibles? Filling a child’s pool etc ..


  3. George Cummings

    Like other hoses, the Aeroflex is bound to get dirty during use. Other hoses with a smooth surface are easily wiped clean with a damp rag or sponge. How does one clean the Aeroflex fabric?

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