Author Julie Hill

Julie is a garden designer in South Carolina specializing in perennial gardens, using native and adaptive plants, and container gardening. A lifelong teacher, gardener, and tool fanatic, you can find her working in her gardens or renovating her home. For more on her projects see her blog at Learn more about Julie here >>

Aeroflex™ Expanding Garden Hose: Product Review

I am pleasantly surprised how much I like this hose and I would absolutely purchase it for my garden use. It really is kink free, lightweight but very durable, and easy to coil or store away. Plus, unlike other expandable hoses, it stretches to a full-size 5/8 inch diameter and 50 feet in length. With a 5-year warranty and no signs of wear after almost a year of extensive use in the garden, it’s clearly Continue Reading

Waterhoop Tree Sprinkler: Product Review

If you've planted trees and shrubs or transplanted them, then you know it's essential to water them regularly until they become established. Watering trees and shrubs often involves setting a hose at the base of the tree and letting it run slowly for a period of time and then moving the hose to assure that the ground all around the tree becomes properly moist. That once-a-week soaking can quickly become a day of running back-and-forth Continue Reading