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WORX GT2.0 20V MaxLithium Trimmer/Edger Review

WORX GT2.0 Trimmer/EdgerGolden Shovel Award Winner

Editor’s Note:  WORX also has a 32V model that has exactly the same features described here for the 20V GT2.0.

Are you tired of hauling around a heavy, smelly gas trimmer? Or tripping over the cord on an electric one? Then the new, redesigned WORX GT2.0 MaxLithiumTM 3-in-1 Grass Trimmer/Edger/Mower may be the perfect tool for you.

Unlike most trimmers, this one is battery powered.

I was skeptical at first. I’d read some less than positive reviews about an earlier model (the WORX WG155 20V MAX Cordless Lithium 10-Inch String Trimmer/Edger) – about the poor battery life, the difficulty in adjusting it, and the 10″ trimming width. But with the 2013 redesign, WORX seems to have fixed these issues.

For me, ease of use is of primary concern. That means it has to work as it’s supposed to (and not run out of battery power half way through the job) and it must be comfortable to hold and use. The new battery-powered trimmer hits on all fronts.

Operating the WORX GT2.0 String Trimmer/Edger

Using the WORX trimmer is as simple as sliding in the battery back and pressing the ‘On’ button. No gas tank to fill, no cord to pull, no trying to find an outdoor electrical outlet. Just press and go. Of course, you do have to plan ahead to ensure that the battery pack will be charged by the time you need it …

Using the String Trimmer

The tool can be used as a regular string trimmer. In this redesigned version, WORX has increased the trimming diameter to a full 12”, allowing you to trim a nice, wide swath.

WORX recommends attaching the support wheels underneath the Safety Guard to keep the trimmer head a safe, consistent distance above the ground. However, the wheels limit you to a very unnatural side-to-side movement and make for pretty slow going. Don’t bother using the support wheels – just extend the Flower Guard (to prevent you from chopping down your prized petunias) and use it as you would any other string trimmer. When working along uneven walls or around rocks, you may want to push in the Flower Guard so you can get closer to the object.

Using the Edger

With a simple adjustment to the handle and trimmer head (see video for how-to), the WORX GT2.0 3-in-1 trimmer can be converted to a pretty good edger. By attaching the wheel assembly onto the side of the trimmer head, you can easily ‘drive’ the edger in a straight line with only one hand.

Using the Mower

WORX suggests that you can use the trimmer as a mower to get into hard-to-reach places where a lawn mower wouldn’t fit (for example, between or underneath bushes). To do that, they recommend attaching the support wheel underneath the Safety Guard and using the trimmer in a straight backwards and forwards motion. That works – sort of. The front of the trimmer head keeps nose-diving as you move back and forth and it’s difficult to move the trimmer where you need it because of the wheel assembly. Don’t bother with the wheels – just use it as a string trimmer and it will get the job done.

Using the Support Wheels

I’ve mentioned the wheels several times already, but what exactly are they? The WORX GT2.0 3-in-1 Trimmer/Edger comes with an optional wheel assembly that’s intended to provide support when the tool is in use. The support wheels easily slide onto metal plates located in several places on the trimmer head or safety guard, including a handy spot where they can be stored on the tool itself when not in use (a good idea for those of us who tend to lose items that aren’t locked down!).

While the support wheels are helpful when using the tool as an edger, they only get in the way when trimming or mowing. The tool is light enough that the wheels aren’t needed for support.

Li-Ion Rechargable Battery

Previous versions of the WORX Trimmer/Edger had problems with battery life. The manufacturer says that they’ve found a new battery provider who has rectified the previous problems and that the new high-density MaxLithiumTM battery has almost twice the capacity of previous batteries. After using the trimmer for a full season, I can say that I’ve had no problems with the battery at all. In fact, I’ve been able to trim my (admittedly small) property twice on a single charge.

For full details about the battery, read our Q&A About the WORX MaxLithium Battery with Brandon Martin, WORX Product Manager (it’s in our review of the WORXAIR Blower).

The Li-Ion battery must be fully charged before first use (it is not charged when you purchase it) which can take up to 12 hours the first time you charge it. After that, charging should only take about 3 hours.

And never, never, never try to “squeeze all the juice” out of the battery when it stops working. That’s a sure-fire way to kill the battery. Just put it on the charger and recharge it (this is where a second battery comes in handy!).

If you store your trimmer in a garden shed or other damp spot, you’ll want to store the battery charger somewhere else – water is never a good thing when dealing with electricity.

WORX GT2.0 Trimmer

The WORX GT2.0 Trimmer/Edger easily adjusts to a compact size, perfect for storage.


I’ve used a lot of string trimmers and one of my biggest complaints is weight. A heavy tool gets, well, heavy… And that makes trimming or edging a much more difficult job. But the WORX GT2.0 is only 5.7 lbs. Wow. (Note that the 32V model weighs 6.2 lbs.)

Super Adjustable

The feature I like most about the WORX GT2.0 is how easily it adjusts to nearly every position imaginable. And all without any tools.

The trimmer head tilts 90 degrees with only two clicks of the pivot head locking knob (one click to unlock it, a second to lock it). No torquing on it to move it into position.

The shaft length (now 2” longer than previous models) is fully adjustable to suit your height, and the auxiliary handle can be moved into a wide range of positions. Between the two, you can easily adjust the tool to the perfect height and angle of use.

Users with smaller hands may find the main handle (where the on/off switch is located) to be a little large and, after prolonged use, your hand may start to cramp up.

Assembling the WORX GT2.0 Trimmer

Before first use, the safety guard must be attached to the trimmer head with the provided screw. The instructions for doing this are not particularly clear so take your time and make sure it looks right before you screw it together.

Storing the WORX GT2.0 Trimmer

When adjusted to its smallest size, the WORX GT2.0 Trimmer/Edger fits easily in even the tightest storage space.

Storing the Trimmer

Because the WORX GT2.0 Trimmer/Edger is so adjustable, it can be stored in spaces where other trimmers couldn’t. I keep mine hanging on the wall in my garden shed (see photo to right) where it’s out of the way yet easily accessible. If you have limited storage space, you’ll love this feature.

Instruction Manual

In looking at the instruction manual, it’s pretty clear that this trimmer/edger is targeted at women. All of the drawings show a woman (complete with pony tail) performing the various adjustments and using the tool – all using only one hand while the other hand is placed jauntily on her hip. Given the light weight, simple adjustments, and ease of use, it’s a good trimmer/edger for smaller individuals. But seriously, let’s not make the instructions look like a housewife vacuuming!


5 Shovels Rating from Gardening Products Review If you’re looking for a lightweight, adjustable, and convenient string trimmer, I highly recommend the WORX GT2.0 MaxLithium 3-in-1 Trimmer/Edger.

Update April 2015: After two years of frequent use, it’s still going strong. There have been no battery issues, string spools have been easy to replace, and I love the convenience of not having to gas up or plug in.

Where to Buy It

It’s available at local retailers, on the WORX website, and on Amazon (as the WG160) for under $115. It’s also available in the more powerful 32V model (WG175) and with a 1/2 hour quicker charger for $149.85.

WORX WG160 Cordless Lithium Grass Trimmer/Edger and Mini Mower, 20-volt

WORX WG175 32-volt Lithium MAX Cordless Grass Trimmer and Edger with Wheel Set

WORX WA0010 Replacement 10-Foot Grass Trimmer/Edger Spool Line 6-Pack for WG150, WG151, WG152, WG155, WG165, WG166, WG160, WG167, WG175

Note that the 10-inch 18V model (WG150 or WG155) is no longer available.

No products found.

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40 Comments on WORX GT2.0 20V MaxLithium Trimmer/Edger Review

  1. Editor’s Note: I received an email yesterday asking about replacing the spools. You can buy 3-packs directly from WORX for $7.99 (that includes shipping), buy replacement spools in the store, or you can wind your own string using the empty spool (it’ll take about 10 feet of string).

  2. Lonnie Barber

    I purchase the WORX GT2.0 MaxLithiumTM 3-in-1 Grass Trimmer/Edger/Mower over 2 month ago and now the auto feet does not work, I have to stop and manually feed the line out to cut. The replace spools do not hold as much of the line as the ones that come with the Trimmer/Edger

      • Lonnie Barber

        Yes they told me it must be the line in the spool need to be rewind or replace also the auto feeder may need to reset. I did both of them, still do not auto feed and now WORX are sending me some new spool to try if that does not work they will replace the trimmer/edger.

        • Glad to hear that WORX is responsive to these types of product issues (although having to go through the frustration in the first place cannot be a pleasant experience). Please let us all know how it works out.

    • I’ve heard from several people that Customer Service at WORX is quite helpful. I don’t know if they’d be able to help you, but it’s worth a try. Please let us know what they say if you give them a call. You can reach their Customer Hotline at 866-354-WORX (9679).

      • Lonnie Barber

        I have been talking to Customer Service at WORX and each time they want me to try something different, the last time they sent me some new spool of line to try and I did today but still have problem with the auto line feeder so tomorrow I will call them again and see what they will do, I am getting tired of manually feeding the line. This all started soon after my 30 days trial period was up if it was within the 30 days I would have sent it back for full refund, so far I would have to put a thumb down on this product. Let see what they do tomorrow.

        • Lonnie Barber

          WORX have shipped me another one but it have taken almost month to ship it, just got an email today saying it was shipped, I would on the Worx web site for order tracker and it kept telling me it will shipped in 24 to 48 hrs, so I call and now I received an email it showing it shipped. They have been very slow on replacing my trimmer.

          • Lonnie Barber

            I got the replacement WORX GT2.0 20V MaxLithium Trimmer/Edger in Friday, they just sent the tool not the whole trimmer. I will try this one out but I am not happy with this product or with customer service. It took me two months to try different way to try to correct the problem and to get a replacement. I may go back to a gas trimmer cause the only issue I had with a gas trimmer is the weight. This will be my last comment on this product. I could not suggest to any of my friends or anyone to purchase the product, stay with a gas trimmer.

  3. C Lasngston

    I bought the trimmer and a leaf blower. They are not high powered machines and they are not sold as such but for around the house for me it is perfect for me. Light weight was a must for me and I’m not pulling away on that well know cord they we all have grown to hate. I would recommend this product to any homeowner that is looking for a light duty product. I recently had a battery problem and the CSR I spoke with was very kind and sent me a new one at NO CHARGE!

  4. Sally Arsenault

    I bought this trimmer/edger a couple of yrs. ago and love it. I am a widow and have to do all the trimming by myself now and it is the perfect product for me. Can I purchase an extra battery?

  5. amber barlow

    Buyer beware. Replaced battery 3x. I live in ohio and use the weed eater 4 months out of the year battery does not last long and replacement is $79.00!! Great idea if it worked!

  6. Dee

    I just saw this advertised on TV (infomercial) and it looks very tempting. And only 3 payments of $33.33 with *lifetime* supply of replacement spools. I’ve checked around the web and unfortunately found more negative reviews than positive, but I also wonder if there has been an upgrade of the product by the manufacturer after earlier battery problems. Is there any new information on this product?

    • Hi Dee, My understanding is that the batteries were significantly changed for this model and that the changes addressed the battery life issues that people were reporting with earlier models. The 2.0 is different from the earlier model and I can only report that our own experiences with it have been nothing but positive. Even after using it all summer long, it still works flawlessly and we’ve had no battery problems at all.

      • I purchased the Trimmer/Edger 20volt for my granddaughter. I worked great the first time she used it. Now the batteries will not hold a charge. I brought it to my house to see if she was doing something wrong. I charged the batteries overnight and tried trimming it lasted about 7 minutes and these were the new batteries that Worx sent as replacements. Do you have any suggestions on what to do. It was purchased in late may. Also when she was on the phone after waiting to be connected for 45 minutes the woman she talked to was very unfriendly and short were her.

        • I’m sorry to hear about the battery (and customer service) problems you’ve had Sharon. Makes the trimmer pretty useless if the batteries won’t hold a charge! I’m wondering if you fully charged them before the first use? That takes a full 12 hours and is something many people forget to do. Without that, they won’t work optimally. You can see a detailed Q&A about the batteries in this article: /worxair-blower-review/

  7. Nelson G. Sosa

    Disappointed at product’s performance, had the battery replaced within two month of getting and the new battery they sent me holds power for about half hour, the other complain it has only one line in the spool which makes it harder for only one spool to cut thru the grass, it can be improved I have a the electric blower which works very good, but as far as the trimmer is concern I would have rather not to buy it. Not happy with it.

  8. LINDA

    I was one of the unlucky customers that ordered the WG166 with the battery problems and my trimmer quit just right after the warranty expired…..and I also had to have the battery replaced in the 2 short seasons that I had this poor excuse of a trimmer….Customer service will not admit that this is a faulty model and make it right for me…even though I have previously bought two of their other products and was happy with them…it is just the model WG166 that was faulty…Too bad they won’t own up to the facts on this particular trimmer which by the way has been discontinued….and make it right for me

  9. Lonnie Barber

    A year later and I am still having the same problem with the WORX GT 2.0 MaxLithiumTM 3-in-1 Grass Trimmer/Edger/Mower. The auto feeder still does not work, I have to stop and manually feed the line out to cut. Customer service did replaced my trimmer last year but not the whole trimmer like the you would get when you first purchase one. I have check on the internet and have found others having the same problem so I am not the only one with this issue. I would not buy another one or recommend it.

    • Manuel Dias

      Thanks for the information. I was about to order one, but after all of these negative comments, I will keep my Troy-bilt gas powered trimmer which works great.
      Two years ago I bought a WORX leave blower and it has been working great.

      Manuel Dias

  10. Stanley W Willis

    1. I cannot loosen the nut to rotate the unit to trim walks. I don’t want to break it, suggestions?

    2. This unit does not have the connect for the mower. Can I get a new shield that would permit this feature?

    WORX GT 2 in 1 Trimmer Edger WG155.

    I purchased this unit at Lowes on 08/04/2012. I am disabled and do not use it often. I have yet to use up the first spool of line. I like the weight and the item is easy to use. Better than my my 1972 weedeater which still works, but it is heavy and uses a cord.


    • Hi Stanley, I haven’t used the WG155 so I’m not quite sure what the “nut” is that needs to be loosened. Does anyone else know? As for the mower feature, I don’t think the WG155 has that feature and the shields on the newer models are shaped differently. However, I didn’t think that the mower wheels worked particularly well – I just swing the trimmer back and forth to mow my tiny lawn!

    • I’m not sure that it’s really the trimmer that’s the issue. Certainly not for the newer models. There seems to have been a bit of a problem with earlier batteries, but the new ones don’t have memory or over-charging issues so I wouldn’t really expect there to be a problem. For details on the batteries, see our q&a here: /worxair-blower-review/. For the rest, keep in mind that this is battery powered. It won’t have the power or run time of a corded model. But if you have a smaller yard, little storage space, or need a lightweight trimmer, I think this is a good choice. And no, I don’t work for WORX or have any sort of relationship with them! 😉

  11. I’m a little wary of buying a works trimmer or weed eater. I’ve seen it advertised on TV
    And it looks great but there are a lot of people who don’t like the product.
    I’m undecided what to do.

    • Hi Charlie, I can’t speak to what others think of it, only to our experience here at GPReview. For a smaller yard and someone who wants a lightweight, adjustable, easy-to-store string trimmer, this is an excellent choice.

    • Hi Don. The wheels should slide off (don’t pull them away from the body – they slide on “tracks”). Sometimes debris or grass bits can get in there and it gets a little harder to slide them off.

  12. Pat O Miles

    I want to purchase a second battery and charger to use with my Worx WG160. Where can I find this? I have looked on the internet but am confused as to which one to purcase. I do not want to purchase one that is not compatible to my Worx trimer.

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