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WORX Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner WG644: Product Review


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WORX kindly provided me with their HydroshotTM Portable Power Cleaner (Model WG644). Based on the product’s PSI (pounds per square inch) delivery, WORX decided to call it a power “cleaner.”  Whether you call it a cleaner or a washer, WORX designed an impressive cordless pressure cleaner/washer system that offers a nice combination of power, performance, and utility.

Note: This is a review of the 2 battery (40 volt) product.  WORX also offers a like product in a 20 volt package.


  • PSI RATING: 450 high setting/290 low setting
  • Max water consumption at high power setting: 0.9 Gallons Per Minute (GPM)
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
  • Li-Ion Battery Capacity: 2Ah (Amp hours) for each 20-Volt battery
  • Number of 20-Volt batteries per unit: 2
  • Spray patterns: 00, 150, 250, 400
  • Maximum Voltage: 40 Volts, Direct Current
  • Corded or cordless: Cordless
  • Battery charge time (from zero to full power): 2 hours (although it charged in 1.5 hours for me.)
  • Max non-stop battery run time at high power (450 psi) and 400 -degree spray pattern: 15 minutes
  • Suction height using 20-foot hose: 5 feet
  • Weight: 6.9 lbs.
  • Accessories: For specific items check the WORX.com website.


In this video, Jack goes over the various features of the WORX Hydroshot, including the 2-battery system, the lance, and the adjustable nozzle. He also shows the product in use, both when using a garden hose and the included hose that siphons water from a bucket. Check it out to see the product in use and to hear Jack’s thoughts on this innovative product.


The unit arrived in a plain cardboard box with no markings on the box, except a WORX.com logo. The unit came packaged with the motorized power head, lance (wand), multi-spray nozzle, 20-foot suction hose, two 20-Volt (2 Ah) batteries, twin 120-Volt battery charger, quick connector adaptor, plus a set-up and operations manual. The packaging protected the power cleaner well—it arrived without a dent or a mark on it.

WORX Hydroshot products in package

The packaging protected the product well.


First, the power cleaner is cordless. Powered by twin “Power Share” 20 Volt Lithium-Ion batteries, the unit needs no cords, making use a breeze. No tangled cords, no issues with stuck cords, and no cords to coil up for storage make the unit very convenient to use. Along with the cord-free feature, the unit is environmentally-friendly. Unlike a gasoline powered pressure washer, there’s no fuel needed or carbon monoxide emitted. The HydroshotTM is safe to use indoors without any fear of dangerous fumes.

No hose connection? No problem. The included 20-foot suction hose allows you to use the device with a body of fresh water.

Plus, by purchasing an extra set of batteries, I kept the unit running by swapping out a set of dead batteries for a set of fully charged ones. 40 volts gives the cleaner plenty of power. The single nozzle with four spray patterns makes it easy to select the power that’s right for the job, without the worry of losing separate/dedicated tips.

Finally, the unit’s low profile (once the lance/wand is removed from the motor section) makes for easy storage.


The HydroshotTM comes with a dual battery charging station. Because the unit includes two 20 Volt Lithium-Ion batteries (see our article on Lithium-Ion batteries,) it makes sense to have a charger that accommodates both batteries at the same time. This is particularly helpful to keep a second set of batteries charged. With a second set of charged batteries always on standby, I’d save time instead of waiting for the batteries to charge.

WORX Hydroshot dual battery charging station

The dual charging station ensures that both batteries are charged and ready for use.

If you plan on using the HydroshotTM for long periods of time, I’d definitely invest in a second set of batteries.


Before you do anything else, charge the twin batteries. They will take around 2 hours to reach a full charge.

It’s as easy as plugging the charger into a 120-Volt wall outlet and sliding the batteries into the charger. WORX designed a fool-proof charging process. The battery only slides in one way to charge. Retention clips on the back of the batteries ensure that they won’t fall out of the unit when in use. Note that the clips don’t hold the batteries into the charger. To remove the batteries from the charger, I pushed them out of the charging station without holding the clip in the removal position.

When both lights on the charger change from flashing green to steady green lights, the batteries are fully charged. Time to get started!

WORX Hydroshot battery packs fully charged

When the green lights stay constantly lit, the batteries are fully charged.


First, I looked at the instructions. With a combination of easy-to-read diagrams and written sections, the excellent instructions make assembly and use of the HydroshotTM a breeze. Next, I headed outside. I grabbed the motor head, the lance (the wand that connects to the motor head), and the spray nozzle. I fastened the lance to the body of the motor assembly by inserting it into the motor head and twisting it until it locked into place. I inserted the nozzle into the end of the lance. It’s important to correctly insert the nozzle and lock it in place. A good tug on the nozzle (without it disengaging) told me that I had done it correctly.

WORX Hydroshot spray nozzle

The nozzle inserted into the end of the lance’s brass fitting.


After the batteries fully charged, I grabbed them and hooked up the rest of the system. First, I connected the quick connect coupler (supplied) to the end of the garden hose. You also have the option of removing the male quick connect fitting from the bottom of the HydroshotTM so that a standard garden hose fitting screws into the bottom of the unit. After contemplating the extra work, I decided to use the adaptor, as it’s easier and faster overall.

WORX Hydroshot female quick connect

Hooking up the garden hose to the HydroshotTM is as easy as adding the provided hose adapter


Next, I inserted the batteries into the HydroshotTM. On each side of the handle, slide rails accept the Power Share 20-Volt Li-Ion batteries. Installing both batteries is a snap, literally. I slid the batteries along the rail system (I could only insert them one way) until I heard an audible “click” when the locking tabs engaged, making it impossible for the batteries to fall out. Using two Li-Ion batteries provides a longer run time of the unit, as well as the ability to use a higher pressure. The system becomes a 40-Volt unit, no longer a 20-Volt one (which WORX also offers).

WORX Hydroshot battery installation

A 20-volt battery sliding into the rails in the battery tray on the side of the HydroshotTM


Once I installed the female quick connect coupling on the end of the hose, I slid it onto the male quick connect on the underside of the HydroshotTM. Now I was ready to turn on the water. I set the spray nozzle pattern to 40 degrees. I then released any air that might have accumulated into the system by pulling the safety lock button (located on the top of the handle–it’s bright orange, you can’t miss it), and then gently pulling on the activation lever (trigger) – but just slightly (first stage of a two-stage trigger). I wanted the water to come out of the tip of the lance in a continuous stream without air bubbles before starting the engine. Now, I was ready to try the unit.

WORX Hydroshot safety button

The easy-to-operate safety lock button is located on top of the handle assembly.


On top of the motor head of the HydroshotTM (just behind the lance) is a selector switch that gives the option of blasting at a power of 290 PSI or 450 PSI.

WORX Hydroshot high low button

Two power settings are standard on the 40-Volt HydroshotTM


My moldy concrete walkway provided the perfect test for the HydroshotTM.  I set the spray nozzle to 150 degrees. I disengaged the safety lock button and pulled the trigger to its second stage, which turned on the unit. When pulling the trigger, only two speeds are available: water lightly spaying out the nozzle or full-throttle by activating the water pump. The unit sprang to life when I pulled the trigger to the full “ON” position. Right away, I heard the motor kick in, and a blast of high-pressure water exited the nozzle. Time to put the HydroshotTM through its paces.


The mold on the concrete walkway was no match for the HydroshotTM. I began on 290 PSI and a nozzle spray angle of 150. The setting removed the mold, but it took a while. I kept the nozzle head close to the concrete surface to clean. I then powered up to 450 PSI using the same spray angle. Right away, I saw an immediate difference. At the higher pressure and concentrated spray angle of 150, the power cleaner blasted the mold off the concrete. I tried different spray patterns, from 00 through 400. My most-used spray pattern (to clean the concrete walkway) was 150. Both PSIs prove useful for different applications. 290 PSI seems better-suited as a cleaning tool and 450 PSI, from my perspective, works well as a powerful water jet.

WORX Hydroshot cleaned concrete

The lighter concrete is where I used a pressure of 450 PSI and a spray angle of 150

I even used the 00 pattern at 450 PSI to draw a face in the mold, just to demonstrate the power of the HydroshotTM

WORX Hydroshot face

The 00 nozzle spray really cut into the moldy sidewalk

Although WORX named the unit the HydroshotTM Portable Power Cleaner, I consider it in the category of a lower power pressure washer (but not one of those that are powered by a gasoline engine or electric motor). With a 150 spray pattern and a high 450 PSI power setting, I removed paint from a piece of outdoor furniture. Conversely, the two-stage trigger allows me to pull lightly without engaging the motor to mist plants or water them. (The 400 pattern proved the most effective and least invasive.) With a little practice, I adjusted the pull to expertly water plants or to power wash.


WORX designed the HydroshotTM unit for use even without a standard garden hose or water source. Included with the unit is a nifty 20-foot-long hose with a quick connect on one end and a water filter and float on the other end. The user drops the intake into a bucket of water, river, lake, or any fresh-water source. The Styrofoam® – like float at the end of the water intake keeps the intake above the bottom of the water source, preventing mud or gunk accumulated at the bottom from clogging the intake. A cage filters out big debris from the intake and a smaller screen removes additional detritus. But the float keeps the intake out of the really fine silt or particles that may clog the nozzle. Also available (on the 20 volt model only) is an adaptor that connects a two-liter water bottle to the HydroshotTM .

WORX Hydroshot hose

Both ends of the 20-foot hose that gives the Hydroshot the ability to operate where fresh water is available (other than a garden hose)

I love the portability of the HydroshotTM. The unit works perfectly for when I don’t have a direct water line hook-up. I can wash my car, bicycle, boat, windows, outdoor furniture—it doesn’t matter if a garden hose is nearby. The amount of water available does limit how much cleaning gets done, but the HydroshotTM only sips 0.9 gallons of water per minute–and that’s at the high setting of 450 PSI. No specs indicate the water usage for 290 PSI, but I imagine it’s significantly less than at 450 PSI.


Two final technical notes on the 20-foot hose. First, the hose lifts a column of water only 5 feet. You’re not going to work from a ladder and reach high places using the hose. Instead, the hose offers the flexibility to work in an approximately 20-foot radius of the water source, while keeping the unit no higher than my shoulders. (I’m 6 feet tall.)

Second, it’s useful to prime the hose (fill it with water) before using it with the HydroshotTM. The power washer’s pump works more efficiently when the hose is primed.


It depends. I tested several scenarios. I ran the unit continuously on high power with a 400 spray pattern. At that power and pattern, the batteries lasted 15 minutes. But I wouldn’t normally use the HydroshotTM continuously. Instead, I’d typically work on an area, take a break and move to a different approach angle, or stop to move an item and expose a new area to clean. Maybe I’d use it continuously when removing mold on a concrete sidewalk or when cleaning a deck. For most applications, though, it’s a stop-and-start process, which lengthens the battery time.

Let’s also remember that this is a 40-Volt battery-powered, cordless tool. Sure, if I ran the unit from a car battery, I’d achieve more run time–but how practical is that? WORX nicely married a 40-Volt Lithium-Ion system with a portable, lightweight, powerful, practical power cleaner. If I want more continuous work time out of the unit, I’ll invest in a second set of batteries and keep them fully charged to use when the first set dies.

WORX Hydroshot batteries on unit

Twin 20-Volt Lithium-Ion batteries on the unit made for a 40-Volt, high-power unit


WORX offers a limited lifetime warranty of three years against defects in materials and workmanship, as long as the product is registered within 30 days of purchase. Without registration, the warranty is only valid for 24 months. The batteries’ warranty is 12 months.

WORX also offers a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied. Per its website, the money-back guarantee covers all direct purchases (from their website only) less any applicable shipping and restocking fees. All returns must be in the original packaging and contain all original components. Upon arrival, the return will be inspected for all parts/pieces, and a refund will be processed accordingly.


With any power tool, it is always advisable to wear safety glasses. Pressure washers are no exception. We recommend the Wiley-X Brand. Power cleaners can generate flying debris, as well as water bouncing off your eyes. Be safe.


I thoroughly appreciate the WORX HydroshotTM.  It’s an awesome power cleaner with a variety of uses. At its low end of 290 PSI and a spray angle of 400, it’s ideal for those cleaning tasks that need more of a wash/rinse. But crank this baby up to 450 PSI with a 150 spray pattern, and I had a formidable water blaster in my hands–even one that stripped paint from furniture.

The unit’s lightweight design makes it easy for anyone to operate it. The four spray pattern angles incorporated into one head adds convenience in changing position. The hose that turns it into a completely portable system where only a water source is needed (no garden hose and spigot) is pure genius. And the two-stage trigger that gently waters plants without damaging them provides a nice feature.

If you don’t need the power of a full-fledged pressure washer (gas or electric) and appreciate the portability and lack of cords to tangle, then you’ll love the WORX HydroshotTM


The 40-Volt Lithium-Ion battery powered, cordless HydroshotTM is available on Amazon

Price Reduction
Worx 40V Power Share Hydroshot 2X20V Portable Power Cleaner (Batteries & Charger Included) - WG644
A perfectly portable, battery-operated power cleaner that needs no cords or garden hose for use. With the included intake hose, any available water source like a lake, river, or bucket provides a perfect place to clean.

Extra 20V Power Share 2.0 Ah Li-Ion batteries are also available from Amazon

WORX WA3575 20V PowerShare 2.0 Ah Replacement Battery, Orange and Black
Add extra batteries to keep fully charged functionality of the Hydroshot for big projects.

The product can also be purchased directly from WORX. Many big box stores also carry the product.

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