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A handy tool to speed up the pesky weeding process without bending or kneeling

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WEEDING! I know very few people who enjoy this task, and I am not one of them. The Scotts WeedOut and WeedOut Pro arrived just in time this spring. The weeds were thriving in the cold weather and threatened to take over my planting beds before my perennials even had a chance to appear. I didn’t have high expectations for these tools, but I quickly fell in love with them and soon found I couldn’t stop pulling weeds.


The two weeders come fully assembled (if you order online, they’ll arrive wrapped in bubble wrap inside a cardboard box). It couldn’t be easier to get them out of the box and into the garden.


The WeedOut and WeedOut Pro arrived fully assembled and ready for the garden.


The two weeders are very similar and are used the same way. The tool is comprised of a long green aluminum tube that’s approximately 39 inches long. There is a T handle at the top with a weed release plunger (plastic on the WeedOut and zinc-plated with non-slip grips on the WeedOut Pro). At the bottom are three 2 ½ inch stainless steel prongs set in a triangle about 1 inch apart.

To use the tool, you position the three prongs around the center of the weed. Push the prongs down as deep as possible into the soil keeping the handle as vertical as possible. Then, rotate the handle. I like to rotate in both directions and make sure I go around a full 180 degrees. Now pull the tool upward and miraculously the weed comes up with it.


Center the prongs over the weed and rotate the handle to remove the weed

To eject the weed from the tool, simply push down on the plunger on the top of the handle and the weed falls out.


The weeds are removed with the prongs and are easily ejected from the weeder

You are left with a one-inch diameter, 2 ½ -inch deep hole in your garden bed or lawn that is similar to what a lawn aerator would leave.


The WeedOut leaves holes similar to a lawn aerator

The WeedOut Pro has a very small toe tab just above the prongs. You can put pressure on this with your foot if you are having trouble getting the prongs into the soil. However, the toe tab is small and can be difficult to use if you’re wearing boots or other thick-soled shoes.

Overall, the tool is comfortable to hold (especially the WeedOut Pro, which has a contoured handle) and easy to use. The height will work for most people (you can use it without having to bend over) but if you’re particularly tall, you may find it a little short. Even the heavier WeedOut Pro is still lightweight enough to use for extended periods without becoming tiring.


See a quick video from Bond Outdoor products on how to use the Scotts WeedOut Pro:

Scotts(R) Weed Out from Bond Outdoor Products on Vimeo.


Yes, there are limitations to what weeds this tool can pull. Both tools are fabulous with dandelions and other taprooted weeds. I’ve easily pulled dandelions that were up to 5 inches across.

On larger weeds, I could sometimes only get half the weed on the first try. A second try usually got the rest of the weed.

The WeedOut and WeedOut Pro can also be used on low spreading weeds like speedwell. The challenge is to find where the main root enters the soil so the three prongs can be properly positioned around it.


The weed on the left was fully removed while the bulbous weed on the right was broken on removal and needed a second pass.

Follow standard weeding protocol – weed early and often. These tools are great, but don’t wait until the weeds are huge or you won’t be able to fit the prongs around the root.

It’s easier to weed a few days after a rain or after watering; the soil is softer and the tool is super easy to use in those conditions. If your soil is dry, I would recommend watering before you weed. If your soil is very compacted you will have to work harder to remove the weeds so I would recommend using the Pro.

Both weeders work well in cultivated garden beds, as well as on lawns. It’s a little more difficult in mulched areas as you have to get through the mulch before you can “grab” the weed. And if there’s plastic or landscape fabric underneath the mulch, this tool wouldn’t be a good choice; it will pull the plastic/fabric as you twist, tearing a large hole and displacing it.


The WeedOut and WeedOut Pro are very similar. The Pro is weightier and feels sturdier. The WeedOut weighs 15.2 ounces and the Pro weighs 1.94 pounds. The WeedOut handle is a plain plastic tube, while the Pro’s handles are molded and more comfortable to hold. The prongs on the WeedOut are set in plastic and the prongs themselves are smooth. The Pro’s prongs are attached with metal and include a small protrusion you can use to push down with your foot. The Pro’s prongs are also etched in a grid pattern. I think the grid holds onto the weeds a little better than the smooth prongs.

In general, they did a comparable job. The WeedOut Pro feels like it may last longer and be more comfortable for extended use.

Scotts Weed Out vs Pro

The handle of the WeedOut was made of plastic. The WeedOut Pro model was made out of metal. Differences in WeedOut and WeedOut Pro  prongs and footpeg didn’t make a big difference in the effectiveness of weed pulling. The Pro model (with its etched prongs) worked a little better than the standard model.


The Scotts WeedOut is warranted for 5 years against defects in materials and workmanship.  The WeedOut Pro is warranted for 10 years against defects in materials and workmanship.


I like both of these weeders. I think the WeedOut is great for a small yard, but I prefer the weight and ergonomics of the WeedOut Pro. Both tools do an excellent job pulling weeds in garden beds and lawns without having to bend over or kneel down to do it. This will save a lot of pain to the back, knees and hands and has the bonus of aerating the soil at the same time.


The WeedOut and WeedOut Pro are available on Amazon Prime and list for $39.99.

Scotts WeedOut Pro
A handy tool to speed up the pesky weeding process without bending or kneeling - the Pro had some added advantages
Price Reduction
Scotts WeedOut
A handy tool to speed up the pesky weeding process without bending or kneeling

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