Author Ellen Greenberg

Ellen Greenberg maintains her home garden as well as a vegetable plot at the Westport Community Garden. She is also responsible for maintaining 1,200 square feet of perennial nursery beds for the Westport Garden Club, of which she was once an award-winning president. With so much to maintain, Ellen is always looking for tools to help keep down the weeds, improve the quality of her plants, save her aching back and make her gardening more efficient. Learn more here >>

Corona WeedDESTROYER: Product Review

The Corona WeedDESTROYER is meant for tough weed removal and is built sturdy for this task. I like that the ejection spring is encased in the shaft, rather than exposed, and the large toe plate allows you to get your full weight behind it when weeding in hard or compacted soil. However, I did not find that it removes larger weeds any better than many of its lighter competitors, and the toe plate is so Continue Reading

Felco 600 Folding Saw: Product Review

The Felco 600 Folding Saw has incredibly sharp teeth that cut through tough wood like butter. It has survived for many years through hundreds of pruning cuts and plant divisions, and the blade has remained sharp. It’s lightweight, small enough to get into tight spaces and comfortable to use. Replacement blades are available although it’s more cost-effective to buy a whole new saw instead. Continue Reading