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Original Little Burro Wheelbarrow Organizer: Product Review


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An innovative accessory that turns your wheelbarrow into a multi-use tool.

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Sometimes you need a little help staying organized for big gardening or landscape jobs. The Little Burro is a big help. It’s a wheelbarrow tray made of UV-resistant polymer and molded with several compartments and tool carriers to help gardeners carry everything they need for an outdoor job in a single trip.


The Little Burro has lots of options for carrying tools. The center green compartment snaps shut to protect phones or other objects from water and dirt.

The rigid tray slips over the back and sides of a wheelbarrow and rests on top of it. Measuring nearly 24 x 36 x 6 inches, it’s designed to fit leading wheelbarrow brands (four to six cubic feet), including many Kobalt, Jackson, and True Temper models. We have a True Temper that the Little Burro fits on easily and securely.

The Little Burro is made to carry tools, including hand tools and two long-handled garden tools. But that’s not all. It also has compartments, including a waterproof slot that snaps shut to keep you from dropping soil or water all over your phone or seed packets, two drink holders and a spot marked with a round circle in the main tray for carrying a five-gallon bucket.


The Little Burro has a cut-out showing exactly where to place a five-gallon bucket.

The Little Burro weighs about six pounds and, according to the company, can support up to 80 pounds, so it’s helpful for big jobs as well as small ones.

Versatile Garden Helper

My husband and I each used the Little Burro, loading it with tools, buckets, and even a watering can. Our favorite features were the compartments and holes for hand tools, which made it easy to find objects when in the middle of a task. Not only could we locate the tools nearby, but they were organized and ready for use.

Another feature I love is the cup holders! No more searching around the ground for my bottle of water or glass of iced tea.


I loaded up the Little Burros for planting and loved the dual drink (or plant) holders.

The holders on both sides of the Little Burro tray are made so you can easily set shovels, rakes and other long-handled tools onto the wheelbarrow and carry them along. The tools traveled well, although some required pulling back as far as possible near the holder to counterbalance the heavier end of the tool. The Little Burro label gives easy instructions for safely setting tools in the tray. And overall, it was much easier to transport tools this way than to just drop them in the wheelbarrow and hope they didn’t scoot around or poke the “driver” in the stomach.


This small rake fit nicely on the carrier. You can carry tools on both sides of the Little Burro.

Convenient Carrier

The Little Burro Wheelbarrow Organizer is very convenient to have all your tools handy right next to the spot where you’re doing a gardening or home improvement project. For example, during a plantin,g project we filled the Little Burro with a shovel, hand shovel, trowel and a ton of plants. It handled the load easily.

We also tested it with a five-gallon bucket on the tray and with a watering pail (filled less than half full) – both fit nicely and stayed put during transport.

Wheelbarrows make for bumpy rides, so keep that in mind with tools or other items you carry. But the tray is designed to catch on the back wheelbarrow lip so it won’t slide forward while in transit. It held stable for me.


Two small drop tabs help keep the Little Burro from sliding forward when being pushed. Notice the smart design for the long-handled tools; they slip in but hold pretty securely.

One of my concerns before testing the Little Burro was whether it would cover so much that I couldn’t use the inside of the wheelbarrow. I found that for some uses, such as moving and shoveling dirt or gravel, you might have to remove the tray for easier access. But I easily slipped a 1.4-cubic foot bag of mushroom compost into the wheelbarrow under/in front of the tray. And I could get to the bag just fine while planting. Even with the tray on top, you can still use the wheelbarrow bed for carrying additional soil or compost, plant pots or gathered weeds.


A bag of compost was secure and accessible under the Little Burro. The tray also would have held its weight.


The Little Burro doesn’t fold up, so you have to find a spot to store it in winter or when you need to use the full wheelbarrow. The company video shows the tray hanging on a wall, but you might have to get creative. We fit ours on a large nail with the top side down. The company recommends against storing the Little Burro in direct sunlight or wet conditions.


The tray can take up storage space, but can hang upside down on a strong nail or hook.


Made in USAThe Original Little Burro Wheelbarrow Organizer is made in the United States and comes with a 2 year limited warranty against defects in materials in materials and workmanship.


With well-planned compartments and space to securely carry long-handled tools, this sturdy tray solves a common gardener’s complaint – having to lug the same tools back and forth from a shed/garage to the garden every day. And, contrary to what I’d expected, there’s still plenty of room to fully use the wheelbarrow bed for nearly anything you need to carry. I’m planning to leave some of my tools and supplies in the Little Burro instead of refilling the wheelbarrow each day!


The Little Burro is a big garden helper.

Where to Buy

The Original Little Burro Wheelbarrow Organizer is available on Amazon.

Original Little Burro Wheelbarrow Organizer
The Little Burro fits neatly on top of most standard size wheelbarrows and stays put as you move the wheelbarrow around.

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