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More than just a wheelbarrow.

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The WheelEasy Folding Garden Cart is manufactured by Allsop Co. Weighing in at about 20 pounds, it’s sturdy and ergonomically designed, and has a couple of advantages over a traditional wheelbarrow: it loads easily, carries an impressive load, and folds compactly for transporting and storage.


I received the unit in a standard cardboard box. There was no mistaking what was inside as the box had a large picture of the unit printed on it. The Folding Garden Cart came through without a scratch.  Included in the box were assembly instructions and a host of parts, including ball detent pins and pan head screws.

Allsop Wheeleasy parts and tools

Assembly parts included detent pins and pan head screws


The first task was mounting the 12″ pneumatic tire using two wrenches (not provided). Detent pins are then inserted into the wheel assembly to hold the handles at the correct angle. The wheel assembly has six holes for only four pins. Though puzzling at first (the instructions could be clearer), the reason for this is that two of them are used only in the storage positions, permitting the cart to be folded into a more compact size. When the cart is folded up, pin locations change. Though you can move the pins directly from the in-use position to the folded-up position, it’s an easier “transition” if you secure each handle with two pins and then remove the lower ones, storing these pins in the extra holes.   Final step: attach the canvas to the handles.

Allsop WheelEasy garden cart wheel assembly

Attaching the sturdy wheel to the frame using two adjustable wrenches

Allsop WheelEasy garden cart with six pin holes

Only 4 of the 6 pin holes are used for standard operation. The two empty holes are used for the storage positions. Only 4 pins came with the cart, but only 4 are necessary for both standard and transitional operation, and storage.

Allsop WheelEasy transitional position

When the cart is partially (“transitional”) folded up, pin locations change.

WheelEasy in use position

Pin positions for in-use operation

Allsop WheelEasy garden cart tarp attachment

Secure the tarp to the handles with a screw driver and the supplied screws.


The WheelEasy yard cart functions more like a tarp with a wheel than a wheelbarrow. The main advantage of the design is that you can lay it flat and rake debris directly into the cart.

The steel frame is heavier than it looks, and the vinyl-coated nylon tarp holds a surprising amount (the manufacturer claims that it holds 350 pounds!). I found it particularly useful in cleaning up nuts and leaf debris under a black walnut tree. I also plan to use it to move heavy bags of compost and topsoil around the yard.

Allsop WheelEasy raking leaves into cart

A design advantage: debris can be raked directly into the cart.


To use, start by unclipping the end piece, or flap, near the handles on both sides, lay the material flat on the ground, and rake debris until the bed is filled to capacity. Then clip the flap back in place, pick up the handles and wheel it away.

Allsop WheelEasy unclipping tarp

The flap is easily unclipped to lay flat for loading.

Because of the cart’s low center of gravity, heavy objects don’t take a lot of effort to move. Dumping is a little awkward, but no more so than with a typical wheelbarrow.

Allsop WheelEasy dumping

Dumping is straightforward and no more difficult than with a traditional wheelbarrow

The only problem I had with the cart was that one of the endcaps to the handles could not be inserted snugly and fell out repeatedly.


The WheelEasy cart is collapsible, another design advantage. Inserting two of the pins into their storage position allows the cart to be folded compactly and hung upside down.

Allsop WheelEasy storage position

WheelEasy in storage mode (detent pins removed from front holes)


Replacement parts are available, including handles, canvas, frame, wheel, pins, and other hardware, at Allsop Garden Website. The wheels can be inflated with a bicycle pump, or at a gas station.


The Allsop WheelEasy Foldable Garden Cart offers a limited one year warranty (from date of purchase) against defects in materials or workmanship.


I personally like the Allsop WheelEasy Folding Garden Cart. It is lightweight, maneuverable, durable, well constructed, and easy to store. It carries a lot of weight (350 lbs.) and is as easy to dump as a standard wheelbarrow (just a little different – it’s a side dump vs. an over the top dump). I like it so much that is has become a go-to tool for raking up yard debris for Spring and Fall cleanups and moving compost and topsoil.

I wish the instructions were a little more understandable when it came to pin positioning for use and storage. I didn’t like the fact that one of the handle endcaps could not be inserted fully and kept slipping off. But other than these two minor issues, I have no problem recommending this product.


There are two versions of the WheelEasy Garden Cart: the large capacity (which I tested), and the smaller 150 lb. capacity – the WheelEasy LE cart.

Both versions are available online from Amazon (with free shipping for Prime members).

They are also available at www.allsopgarden.com although they cost more – $159.99 (large) and $119.99 (small LE). A shipping charge of $14.99 applies for both the large and small WheelEasy if ordered directly from Allsop.

Allsop WheelEasy Garden Cart
More than just a wheelbarrow

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